Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015


Hosted by Australian Women Writers

The challenge runs from January 1, 2015 and ends December 31, 2015.

Goal: 50 books

Australian Women Writers Facebook page

Australian Women Writers Challenge Goodreads Group


1. It Started with a Kiss by Lisa Heidke REVIEW

2. Fly In Fly Out by Georgina Penney REVIEW

3. The Maxwell Sisters by Loretta Hill REVIEW

4. Let Down Your Hair by Fiona Price REVIEW

5. Secrets of Whitewater Creek by Sarah Barrie REVIEW

6. Useful by Debra Oswald REVIEW

7. The Exit by Helen Fitzgerald REVIEW

8. Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis REVIEW

9. A Small Madness by Dianne Touchell REVIEW

10. Avery by Charlotte McConaghy REVIEW

11. The Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth REVIEW

12. The Fire Sermon by Franceseca Haig REVIEW

13. Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing REVIEW

14. Intensive Care by Nicki Edwards REVIEW

15. Snowy River Man by Lizzy Chandler REVIEW

16. Claiming Noah by Amanda Ortlepp REVIEW

17. Rose River by Margareta Osborn REVIEW

18. Cranky Ladies of History by Tehani Wessley REVIEW

19. Razorhurst by Justine Larbaleister REVIEW

20. She’s Having Her Baby by Lauren Sams REVIEW

21. A Time of Secrets by Deborah Burrows REVIEW

22. Turtle Reef by Jennifer Scoullar REVIEW

23. His Other House by Sarah Armstrong REVIEW

24. The Road to Hope by Rachael Johns REVIEW

25. Whiskey and Charlie by Annabel Smith REVIEW

26. Missing You by Kylie Kaden REVIEW

27. Love at First Flight by Tess Woods REVIEW

28. Season of Salt and Honey by Hannah Tunnicliffe REVIEW

29. The Chocolate Promise by Josephine Moon REVIEW

30. Confessions of a Once Fashionable Mum by Georgia Madden REVIEW

31. The Falls by Cathryn Hein REVIEW

32. Gallipoli Street by Mary-Anne O’Connor REVIEW

33. Season of Shadow and Light by Jenn J McLeod REVIEW

34. Stay With Me by Maureen McCarthy REVIEW

35. Northern Heat by Helene Young REVIEW

36. Death in the Rainy Season by Anna Jaquiery REVIEW

37. Only We Know by Victoria Purman REVIEW

38. How To Write Your Blockbuster by Fiona McIntosh REVIEW

39. Limbo by Amy Andrews REVIEW

40. Leap by Myfanwy Jones REVIEW

41. The Lost Swimmer by Ann Turner REVIEW

42. Chasing Chris Carson by Genevieve Gannon REVIEW

43. The Homestead Girls by Fiona McArthur REVIEW

44. Hush, Little Bird by Nicole Trope REVIEW

45. The Other Side of The World by Stephanie Bishop REVIEW

46. Set in Stone by Ros Baxter REVIEW

47. The Trivia Man by Deborah O’Brien REVIEW

48. A Time to Run by J.M. Peace REVIEW

49. Six Degrees by Honey Brown REVIEW

50. The Beast’s Garden by Kate Forsyth REVIEW

51. The Callahan Split by Lisa Heidke REVIEW

52. Long Bay by Eleanor Limprecht REVIEW

53. Private Sydney by Kathryn Fox and James Patterson REVIEW

54. The Crushing Season by Peta Jo REVIEW

55. The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay REVIEW

56. The Simple Act of Reading edited by Debra Adelaide REVIEW

57. The Waiting Room by Leah Kaminsky REVIEW

58, The Landing by Susan Johnson REVIEW

59. Coolibah Creek by Kelsey Neilson REVIEW

60. The Replacement Wife by Rowena Wiseman REVIEW

61. The Insanity of Murder by Felicity Young REVIEW

62. Is This My Beautiful Life? by Jessica Rowe REVIEW

63. StarCrossed by Carla Caruso REVIEW

64. The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns REVIEW

65. Cloudwish by Fiona Wood REVIEW

66. The Saddler Boys by Fiona Palmer REVIEW

67. The Perfumer’s Secret by Fiona McIntosh REVIEW

68. Prick with a Fork by Larissa Dubecki REVIEW

69. Swimming Home by Mary- Rose McColl REVIEW

70. Sweet Wattle Creek by Kaye Dobbie REVIEW

71. Buying Thyme by TJ Hamilton REVIEW

72. The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood REVIEW

73. The Enchanted Island by Ellie O’Neill REVIEW

74. Dogs of India by Polly McGee REVIEW

75. Near Miss by Fran Cusworth REVIEW

76. Fall by Candice Fox REVIEW

77. Grand Slam by Kathryn Ledson REVIEW

78. The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth REVIEW

I want to know what you think! Your comments are appreciated.

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