Review Schedule 2021


The Sorority Murder by Allison Brennan {Release date 26th December courtesy MIRA/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Midnight Hour by Elly Griffiths { Release date 7th December courtesy Mariner Books/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Canticle Creek by Adrian Hyland {Release date 1st December courtesy Ultimo Press} REVIEW 

The Long Weekend by Fiona Palmer {Release date 1st December courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

The Prodigal Sister by Darry Fraser {Relese date 1st December 2021 courtesy HQ/Netgalley} REVIEW

Unforgiven by Sarah Barrie {Release date 1st December courtesy HarperCollins/Netgalley} REVIEW


Bad Habits by Sarah Evans {Release date courtesy Clan Destine Press} REVIEW

The Spy’s Wife by Fiona McIntosh {Release date2nd November courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

The Russian Wife by Barry Maitland {30th November courtesy Allen & Unwin}

Kill Your Brother by Jack Heath {30th November courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

Once Burnt Twice Shy by Karly Lane {30th November courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW

Great Australian Mysteries by Graham Seal {30th November courtesy Allen & Unwin}

A Little Bird by Wendy James {Release date 30th November courtesy the author} REVIEW 

The Becoming by Nora Roberts {Release date 23rd November courtesy Hachette}

Game On by Janet Evanovich {Release date 23rd November courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

The Waterhole by Lily Malone {Release date 21st November courtesy the author} REVIEW 

The Lady Detectives by Hannah Hendy {Release date 18th November courtesy Canelo/Netgalley}

Call of the Penguins by Hazel Prior {Release date 11th November courtesy Black Swan/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Dark Hours by Michael Connelly {Release date 9th November courtesy Allen & Unwin}

The Safe Place by L.A. Larkin {Release date 9th November courtesy Bookoutre/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Swift and the Harrier by Minette Walters {Release date 2nd November courtesy Allen & Unwin}

This Is Your Captain Speaking by Doug Morris courtesy ECW Press/Netgalley} REVIEW

The Way it is Now by Garry Disher {Release date 2nd November courtesy Text/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Collective by Alison Gaylin {Release date 2nd November courtesy WilliamMorrow/Edelweiss} REVIEW 

Deception Creek by Fleur McDonald {Release date 1st November courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 


The Fossil Hunter by Tea Cooper {Release date 29th October courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley}

The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffman {Release date 29th October courtesy Simon & Schuster}

The Last Woman in the World by Inga Simpson {Release date 29th courtesy Hachette}

Outback Secrets by Rachael Johns {Release date 27th October courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Wild Place by Christian White {Release date 26th October 2021 courtesy Affirm Press} REVIEW 

A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske {Release date 26th October courtesy Pan Macmillan} REVIEW 

Who Sleuthed It? by Lindy Cameron {Release Date 1st September courtesy PR} REVIEW 

The Tea Ladies of St Jude’s Hospital by Joanna Nell {Release date 1st October courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

The River Mouth by Karen Herbert {Release date 1st October courtesy Fremantle Press } REVIEW 


Birds of a Feather by Tricia Stringer {Release date 29th September courtesy HQ Fiction/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Treasure & Dirt by Chris Hammer {Release date 29th September courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

At the End of the Day by Liz Byrski {Release date 28th September courtesy PanMacmillan} REVIEW 

Before & Laughter by Jimmy Carr {Release date 28th September courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

Showtime! By Judy Nunn {Release date 28th September courtesy Penguin}

Well Hello by Leigh Sales & Annabelle Crabb {Release date 29th September courtesy Penguin}

Echoes of War by Tania Blanchard {Release date 29th September courtesy Simon & Schuster}

Wild Abandon by Emily Bitto {Release date 28th September courtesy Allen & Unwin}

Larrimah by Kylie Stevenson & Caroline Graham {Release date 28th September courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik {Release date 28th September courtesy DelRay Books/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Woman They Could Not Silence by Kate Moore {Release date 28th September courtesy Scribe Publications} REVIEW 

The Moon, the Stars and Madame Burova by Ruth Hogan {Release date 21st September courtesy William Morrow/Edelweiss} REVIEW 

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman {Release date 16th September courtesy Viking UK/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Whale in the Living Room by John Ruthven {Release date 14th September courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa {Release date 14th September courtesy PanMacmillan} REVIEW 

Apple Never Fall by Liane Moriarty {Release date 14th September courtesy PanMacmillan) REVIEW 

The Wattle Island Book Club by Sandie Docker {Release date 1st September courtesy Penguin} Tour Date: 10th September REVIEW 

See Jane Snap by Bethany Crandall {Release date 7th September courtesy Montlake/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Library by Bella Osborne {Release date 2nd September courtesy Aria & Aries/Netgalley} REVIEW 

I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver {Release date 1st September courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

The Unusual Abduction of Avery Conifer by Ilsa Evans {Release date 1st September courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 


The Dark by Emma Houghton {Release date 31st August courtesy Hachette}

The Farmer’s Friend by Fiona McArthur {Release date 31st August courtesy PenguinRandomHouse}

Prisoner by S.W. White {Release date 31st August Courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

The Final Cut by Robert Jeffries {Release date 31st August courtesy Echo Publishing}

The Housemate by Sarah Bailey {Release date 31st August courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Happy Hour by Jacquie Byron {Release date 31st August courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang {Release date 31st August courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Cutters End by Margaret Hickey {Release date 17th August courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

Sweet Jimmy by Bryan Briwn {Release date 31st August courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Attack by Catherine Jinks {Release date 31st August courtesy Text Publishing/Netgalley} REVIEW 

1979 by Val McDermid {Release date 10th August courtesy PenguinRandomHouse}

Triflers Need Not Apply by Camilla Bruce {Release date 5th August courtesy Michael Joseph UK/Netgalley UK} REVIEW

Billy Summers by Stephen King {Release date 3rd August courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

CSI Told You Lies by Meshel Laurie {Release date 3rd August courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy {Release date 3rd August courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

The Garden of Hope and Dreams by Barbara Hannay {Release date 3rd August courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

The Long Game by Simon Rowell {Release date 3rd August courtesy Text Publishing/Netgalley} REVIEW

Trouble is My Business by Lisa Walker {Release date 1st August courtesy Wakefield Press} REVIEW 


The Last Guests by JP Pomare {Release date 28th July courtesy Hachette/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Last of the Apple Blossom by Mary-Lou Stephens {Release date 28th July courtesy HQ Fiction} REVIEW 

The Tribute by John Byron {Release date 28th July courtesy Affirm Press}

When the War Was Here by Roxanne Veletzos {Release date 28th July courtesy Simon & Schuster}

The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding {Release date 28th July courtesy Simon & Schuster}

The Enemy Within by Tim Ayliffe { Release date 28th July courtesy Simon & Schuster/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Devil’s Advocate by Steve Cavanagh {Release date 27th July courtesy Hachette } REVIEW 

All Her Fault by Andrea Mara {Release date 22nd July courtesy Bantam Press/Netgalley} REVIEW

About Us by Sinead Moriarty {Release date 18th July courtesy PenguinUK/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Gun To The Head by Keith Banks {Release Date 20th July courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Children’s Secret by Nina Monroe {Release date 13th July courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

You and Me In Vacation by Emily Henry {Release date 8th July courtesy PenguinUK/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Lives Like Mine by Eva Verde { Release date 7th July courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman {Release date 7th July courtesy Simon & Schuster}

A Woman of Intelligence by Karin Tanabe {Release date 7th July courtesy Simon & Schuster}

Catch Us The Foxes by Nicola West {Release date 7th July courtesy Simon & Schuster/Netgalley} Blog Tour July 15th REVIEW 

The Other Side of Beautiful  by Kim Lock {Release date 7th July courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Anyway the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell {Release date 6th July courtesy Macmillan}

Wattle Seed Inn by Leonie Kelsall {Release date 5th July courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Missing Girl by Kerry McGinnis {Release date 2nd July courtesy PenguinRandomHouse}

The Deep by Kyle Perry {Release date 2nd July courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

The Newcomer by Laura Elizabeth Wollett {Release date 2nd July courtesy Scribe Publishers} REVIEW

When You Are Mine by Michael Robotham {Release date 1st July courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 


The Husbands by Chandler Baker {Release date 30th June courtesy Hachette/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Others by Mark Brandi {Release date 30th June courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

Yours Cheerfully by A.J. Pearce {Release date 29th June courtesy PanMacmillan} REVIEW 

Lily’s Little Flower Shop by Lisa Darcy {Release date June courtesy the author} REVIEW 

Someone I Used to Know by Paige Toon {Release date 16th June courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} Blog Tour 24th June REVIEW 

Falling by TJ Newman {Release date 5th June courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

Who Gets to be Smart by Bri Lee {Release date 5th June courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Heights by Louise Candlish {Release date 2nd June courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

The Bombay Prince by Sujata Massey {Release date 1st June courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Magpie’s Bend by Maya Linnell {Release date 1st June courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Digging Up Dirt by Pamela Hart {Release date 2nd June courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Echolalia by Briony Doyle {Release date 1st June courtesy Penguin} REVIEW 

Mirror Man by Fiona McIntosh {Release date 1st June courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

Nancy Business by R.W.R. McDonald {Release date 1st June courtesy Allen & Unwin} *Tour 10th June REVIEW GIVEAWAY

Written in Bone by Sue Black {Release date 1st June courtesy Arcade/Edelweiss} REVIEW 


The Menopause Manifesto by Jen Gunter {Release date 25th May courtesy Citadel Press/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Nancy’s by R.W.R. McDonald {courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Still by Matt Nable {Release date 26th May courtesy Hachette/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Love, in Theory by Elodie Cheesman {Release date 25th May courtesy PanMacmillan} REVIEW 

You Had It Coming by B.M.Carroll {Release date 13th May courtesy Viper/NetgalleyUK} REVIEW 

Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson {Release date 13th May courtesy Raven Books/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Lost Property by Helen Paris {Release date 13th May courtesy Random House UK/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Unsheltered by Clare Moleta {Release date 5th May courtesy Simon & Schuster}

Vanished by James Delargy {Release date 5th May courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

Flash Jim by Kel Richards {Release date 5th May courtesy HarperCollins} REVIEW 

The Girl Remains by Katherine Firkin {Release date 5th May courtesy Penguin} REVIEW 

The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah  Prison by Meredith Jaffe {Release date 5th May courtesy HarperCollins} *Guest post 11th May REVIEW GUEST POST

How To Mend A Broken Heart by Rachael Johns {Release date 5th May courtesy Harlequin/ Netgalley} REVIEW 

Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray By Anita Heiss {Release date 5th May courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW

Take Me Home by Karly Lane {Release date 4th May courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Before You Knew My Name by Jacqueline Bublitz {Release date 4th May courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 



China Blonde by Nicole Webb {Courtesy the author} REVIEW 

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary {Release date 29th April courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

The Chase by Candice Fox {Tour date 23rd April courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW 

Cunning Women by Elizabeth Lee {Release date 23rd April courtesy Windmill Books/ NetgalleyUK} REVIEW 

The Bone Code by Kathy Reichs {Release date 21st April courtesy Simon & Schuster}

Girl, 11 by Amy Suiter Clarke {Release date 20th April courtesy HMH/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Jam Queens by Josephine Moon {Release date 13th April courtesy PenguinRandomHouse} REVIEW

The Rose Daughter by Maria Lewis {Release date 13th April courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

Autopsy by Ryan Blumenthal  {Release date 13th April courtesy Jonathan Ball Publishers/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Second First Impressions by Sarah Thorne {Release date 13th April courtesy William Morrow/Edelweiss} REVIEW 

We Are Watching You Eliza Bright {Release date 13th April courtesy Grand Central Publishing/Netgalley} REVIEW 

You Need To Know by Nicola Moriarty {Release date 7th April courtesy HarperCollins} REVIEW 

All We Have is Now by Kaneana May {Release date 7th April courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane {Release date 1st April courtesy HarperCollins UK/Netgalley UK} REVIEW

The Plague Letters by V.L. Valentine {Release date 1st April courtesy Viper/Netgalley} REVIEW



Learning To Live With Plants by Marta Orriols Balaguer Tsld by Mara Fay Lethem {Courtesy Pushkin Press/Edelweiss} REVIEW 

House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland {Release date 30th March Courtesy Penguin Australia} REVIEW 

The Last Reunion by Kayte Nunn {Release date 31st March courtesy Hachette/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The French Gift by Kirsty Manning {Release date 31st March courtesy Allen & Unwin}

The Best Things by Mel Giedroyc {Release date 30th March courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

Something to Hide by Fleur McDonald {Release date 30th March courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

How To Fake Being Tidy by Fenella Souter {Release date 30th March courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

The Emporium of Imagination by Tabitha Bird {Release date 30th March courtesy PenguinRandomHouse Australia} REVIEW 

Lie Beside Me by Gytha Lodge {Release date March 18th courtesy Michael Joseph/Netgalley UK}

Stealing Time by Rebecca Bowyer {Release date 23rd March courtesy the author/Netgalley}

The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex {Release date 9th March courtesy PanMacmillan}

Wonderworks by Angus Fletcher {Release date 9th March courtesy Simon & Schuster US/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Ministry of Bodies by Seamus O’Mahony {Release date 4th March courtesy Head of Zeus/Netgalley} REVIEW

One Last Dance by Emma Jane Holmes {Release date 3rd March courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Grace Under Pressure by Tori Haschka {Release date 3rd March courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

Tipping by Anna George {Release date 3rd March courtesy Penguin} REVIEW 

A Home Like Ours by Fiona Lowe { Release date 3rd March courtesy HQ/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Codebreakers by Ali Sinclair {Release date 3rd March courtesy HQ/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Lady With the Gun Asks the Questions by Kerry Greenwood {2nd March courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW 

Other People’s Houses by Kelli Hawkins {Release date 3rd March courtesy HarperCollins}REVIEW 

From Where I Fell by Susan Johnson {Release date 2nd March courtesy Allen & Unwin}

Welcome To Nowhere River byMeg Bignell {Release date 2nd March courtesy Penguin Australia} REVIEW 

The Girl Explorers by Jayne E. Zanglein {Release date 2nd March courtesy Sourcebooks/Netgalley}REVIEW

Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates {Release date 2nd March courtesy Sourcebooks/Netgalley} REVIEW



Call Me Mummy by Tina Baker {Release date 25th February courtesy Viper/Netgalley}

The Iron Raven by Julie Kagawa {Release date 24th February courtesy HQ}REVIEW 

The Husband Poisoner by Tanya Bretherton {Release date 23rd February courtesy Hachette}REVIEW

Cold Millions by Jess Walter {Release date 18th February courtesy Viking/Netgalley} REVIEW

The Truth and Addy Loest by Kim Kelly {Release date 1st February courtesy author}

The Moroccan Daughter by Deborah Rodriguez {*Tour date 14th February courtesy PenguinRandomHouse Au} REVIEW 

Everything is Beautiful by Eleanor Ray {Release date 9th February courtesy Hachette} REVIEW 

You’ve Got to be Kidding by Todd Alexander {Release date 3rd February courtesy HarperCollins}REVIEW

The Silent Listener by Lyn Yeowart {Released date 2nd February courtesy PenguinRandomHouse AU} REVIEW

Florence Adler Swims Forever by Rachel Beanland {Release date 3rd February courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

Space Hopper by Helen Fisher {Release date 3rd February courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW 

The Paris Affair by Pip Drysdale {Release date 3rd February courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW

Before I Saw You by Emily Houghton {Release date 4th February courtesy RandomHouse UK/NetgalleyUK} REVIEW 

Close To Home by Janet Gover {Release date 3rd February courtesy Harlequin}

Sargasso by Kathy George {Release date 3rd February courtesy Harlequin/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Second Son by Loraine Peck {Release date 2nd February courtesy Text Publishing/Netgalley} REVIEW 

Exit by Belinda Bauer {Release date 2nd February courtesy Atlantic/Netgalley} REVIEW 

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell {Release date 2nd February courtesy Bloomsbury/Netgalley UK) REVIEW 

Girls With Bright Futures by Tracy Dobmeier & Wendy Katzman {Release date 2nd February courtesy  Sourcebooks/Netgalley} REVIEW

Crackenback by Lee Christine {Release date 1st February courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW

With My Little Eye by Sandra Hogan {Release date 1st February courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW


Relics, Wrecks & Ruins Edited by Aiki Flinthart {Release date 31st January} REVIEW

Adult Virgins Anonymous by Amber Crewe {Release date January 21st, 2021 courtesy Hodder&Staughton/Netgalley} REVIEW

The Schoolgirl Strangler by Katherine Kovacic {Release date 21st January courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW

The Women and the Girls by Laura Bloom {Release date 19th January courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW

Stranger Times by C.K. McDonnell {Release date 14th January courtesy Bantam Press/ Netgalley} REVIEW

The Good Girls: An Ordinary Killing by Sonia Faleiro {Release date 14th January Courtesy Bloomsbury/Netgalley UK} REVIEW

The Lost Boys by Faye Kellerman {Release date 12th January courtesy William Morrow/Edelweiss} REVIEW

The Push by Ashley Audrain {Release date 7th January courtesy PenguinRandomHouse Australia} REVIEW

My Best Friend’s Murder by Polly Phillips {Release date 6th January  courtesy Simon & Schuster} REVIEW

This Has Been Absolutely Lovely by Jessica Dettman {Release date 6th January courtesy HarperCollins Australia/Netgalley} REVIEW

Elizabeth & Elizabeth by Sue Williams {Release date 5th January courtesy Allen & Unwin} REVIEW

Shelter by Catherine Jinks {Release date 5th January courtesy Text Publising/Netgalley} REVIEW