2022 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

Hosted by Take a Walk Down Gregory Road

GOAL: Fortnightly I 26 books One category from each topic-you can choose 1 wildcard


1. A to Z

A book with the letter Z in the title

A book by an author whose name starts with A or Z Would I Lie To You? By Aliya Ali-Afzal

A book about letters

A “comprehensive” book

2. The Same, But Not

A book with the color red or the word “read” on the cover

A book by an author whose last name could also be a first name A Little Bird by Wendy James

A retelling of a classic The Emma Project by Somali Dev

A “He said, she said” book

3. What’s The Dish?

A book with a mug or cup on the cover Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

A book that includes recipes The Language of Food by Annabel Abbs 

A book about food from another culture

A book about gossip

4. Memories

A book about memory loss

An author whose name you remember easily

A book with the word “remember” in the title Remember Me by Charity Norman

A diary

5. Back to Basics

A classic novel

A biography

A book by a well known author

A paperback Murder Most Fancy by Kellie McCourt

6. Time is Ticking

A book with a clock on the cover

A book about time travel Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister

A suspense novel

A book to pass the time while your favorite author finishes their next book

7. ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings

A book about body image

A space opera

A book with the word “over” in the title Overboard by Sara Paretsky

A book about a singer or musician The Angry Womens Choir by Meg Bignell 

8. It’s All Relative

A book about animal families

A book that relates to an interest you have 

A book about finding family Yours, Mine, Ours by Sinead Moriarty

A book with “aunt” or “uncle” in the title

9. Geekery

A book by an author who sounds like a geek

A book with a cover that reminds you of a video game

A book about an obsessive hobby The Competition by Katherine Collette

A book about a fandom or fanfic

10. Workin’ For A Living

A book by an author whose name is a trade or profession

A memoir focused on the author’s profession

A book where the protagonist works in a similar field to you The Maid by Nita Prose

A nonfiction book about worker’s rights

11. Cover Up

A book with someone on the cover who could use some clothes

A book with a blue cover A Family of Strangers by Fiona Lowe

A book with multiple fonts on the cover Brunswick Street Blues by Sally Bothroyd

A book where the author’s name is above the title

12. Taking The Plunge

A book with a picture of a cliff or ocean on the cover When We Fall by Aoife Clifford

A book by an author you’ve always wanted to read The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn

A book over 600 pages

A book someone dares you to read

13. Shorts

A book set somewhere you might wear shorts Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher

A book under 150 pages

A book of short stories

A book wider than it is tall

14. Locations

A book with the word “attic” or “kitchen” in the title The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan

A book by an author who lives in another country

A book about a movie being filmed on location

A book about your homeland

15. TBR Guilt

A book that’s dusty from waiting to be read

A book that someone gave you that you haven’t read yet

A book you’ve been meaning to read All That’s Left Unsaid by Tracey Lien

A new release you feel guilty reading because your TBR list is so long

16. Crafty

A book with a devious villain 

A book about a craft you do or would like to learn about

A book with a craft related pun in the title

A book known for having an unexpected twist at the end The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentil

17. People We Should Know

A book about women’s issues Sheilas by Eliza Reilly

A book by a BIPOC author

A book with a LGBTQIA+ protagonist A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske

A book written by an immigrant

18. Heroes

A book about a heroic event The Angry Women’s Choir by Meg Bignell

A non-fiction book about someone you admire

A book with the word “feet” or “clay” in the title One Foot in the Fade by Luke Arnold

A book with a cape or cloak on the cover

19. Crossing Over

A book with the word “bridge” in the title

A book about a ghost The Ghost of Gracie Flynn by Joanna Morrison

A book that crosses two genres Impossible by Sarah Lotz

A book with an X or cross on the cover

20. Childhood Days

Reread a childhood favorite

A book about the circus

A book set within 10 years of your birth

A coming of age story Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

21. Legends

A book about a mythical creature 

A book about a legendary hero

A book about a lost treasure The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich 

A book by an author you consider amazing Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane

22. Alternating

A book with alternating timelines or narrators

A book that features a classic car The Dinner Lady Detectives by Hannah Hendy 

A book that takes place on both land and sea

An alternate history

23. Musical Inspirations

West Side Story: A tragic love story

Sweeney Todd: A book about revenge Nine Lives by Peter Swanson

Phantom of the Opera: A book about a hidden world Her Fierce Creatures by Maria Lewis

Chicago: A book set in a jail or prison

24. Other Lands

A book translated from another language

A book by an author from a country you’d like to visit

A book set in an area geographically different from your home

A book with the word “land” in the title The Islands by Emily Brugman

25. Timely Topics

A book about a pandemic

A book about climate change

A book about a social movement Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

A book about space travel

26. Stories with Grit

A Western

A book with a desert on the cover Wild Dogs by Michael Trant

A beach read

A gritty detective story


A book with an orange cover The Change by Kirsten Miller

An epistolatory book

An award winning book

A book at least 20 years older than you

A book about your favorite animal