Australian Reading 2011 – 2016


(from most recent to least)


The Map of Bones by Francesca Haig REVIEW

The Light in the Water by Olga Lorenzo REVIEW

Darkest Place by Jaye Ford REVIEW

All that Is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster REVIEW

Summer Skin by Kirsty Eager WREVIEW

Numbered by Amy Andrews and Ros Baxter REVIEW

Summer Harvest by Georgina Penney REVIEW

Hold On To Me by Victoria Purman WREVIEW

Desert Flame by Janine Grey REVIEW

Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty REVIEW

The Grass in Greener by Loretta Hill REVIEW

That Empty Feeling by Peter Corris REVIEW

The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth REVIEW


Grand Slam by Kathryn Ledson REVIEW

Fall by Candice Fox REVIEW

The Near Miss by Fran Cusworth REVIEW

Dogs of India by Polly McGee REVIEW

An Empty Coast by Tony Park REVIEW

The Enchanted Isle by Ellie O’Neill REVIEW

The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood REVIEW

Sweet Wattle Creek by Kaye Dobbie REVIEW

Swimming Home by Mary Rose McColl REVIEW

Prick with a Fork by Larissa Dubecki REVIEW

The Perfumer’s Secret by Fiona McIntosh REVIEW

The Saddler Boys by Fiona Palmer REVIEW

Cloudwish by Fiona Wood REVIEW

The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns REVIEW

Starcrossed by Carla Caruso REVIEW

Is This My Beautiful Life? by Jessica Rowe REVIEW

The Insanity of Murder by Felicity Young REVIEW

The Replacement Wife by Rowena Wiseman REVIEW

The Landing by Susan Johnson REVIEW

The Waiting Room by Leah Kaminsky REVIEW

The Simple Act of Reading by Debra Adelaide REVIEW

The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay REVIEW

The Crushing Season by Peta Jo REVIEW

Private Sydney by Kathryn Fox and James Patterson REVIEW

Long Bay by Eleanor Limprecht REVIEW

The Callahan Split by Lisa Heidke REVIEW

The Beast’s Garden by Kate Forsyth REVIEW

What My Daughters Taught Me by Joseph Wakim REVIEW

Six Degrees by Honey Brown REVIEW

Kingdom of the Strong by Tony Cavanaugh REVIEW

Heart of the Country by Tricia Stringer REVIEW

The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham REVIEW

A Time to Run by JM Peace REVIEW

Fast and Loose by Nicholas J Johnson REVIEW

The Trivia Man by Deborah O’Brien REVIEW

Set in Stone by Ros Baxter REVIEW

The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop REVIEW

Hush, Little Bird by Nicole Trope REVIEW

The Homestead Girls by Fiona McArthur REVIEW

The Unbroken Line by Alex Hammond REVIEW

Chasing Chris Campbell by Genevieve Gannon REVIEW

Palace of Tears by Julian Leatherdale REVIEW

The Lost Swimmer by Ann Turner REVIEW

Leap by Myfanwy Jones REVIEW

Limbo by Amy Andrews REVIEW

How to Write Your Blockbuster by Fiona McIntosh REVIEW

Ascendance by John Birmingham REVIEW

Only We Know by Victoria Purman REVIEW

Stay With Me by Maureen McCarthy REVIEW

Northern Heat by Helene Young REVIEW

Death in the Rainy Season by Anna Jacquiery REVIEW

Season of Shadow and Light by Jenn J Mcleod REVIEW

Gallipoli Street Mary-Anne O’Connor REVIEW

The Falls by Cathryn Hein REVIEW

Confessions of a Once Fashionable Mum by Georgia Madden REVIEW

The Chocolate Promise by Josephine Moon REVIEW

Love at First Flight by Tessa Woods REVIEW

Missing You by Kylie Kaden REVIEW

Whiskey and Charlie by Annabel Smith REVIEW

The Road to Hope by Rachael Johns REVIEW

His Other House by Sarah Armstrong REVIEW

Turtle Reef by Jennifer Scoullar REVIEW

Life or Death by Michael Robotham REVIEW

A Time of Secrets by Deborah Burrow REVIEW

The Secret Life of Luke Livingston by Charity Norman REVIEW

Resistance by John Birmingham REVIEW

She’s Having Her Baby by Lauren Sams REVIEW

Razorhurst by Justine Larbeleister REVIEW

Cranky Ladies of History by Tehani Wessley REVIEW

Rose River by Margareta Osborn REVIEW

Claiming Noah by Amanda Ortlepp REVIEW

Yes Chef! by Lisa Joy REVIEW

Snow River Man by Lizzy Chandler REVIEW

Intensive Care by Nicki Edwards REVIEW

The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig REVIEW

Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing by Lisa Walker REVIEW

The Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth REVIEW

Avery by Charlotte McConaghy REVIEW

A Small Madness by Dianne Touchell REVIEW

Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis REVIEW

The Exit by Helen Fitzgerald REVIEW

Volcano Street by David Rain REVIEW

Gun Street Girl by Adrian McKinty REVIEW

Useful by Debra Oswald REVIEW

The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly REVIEW

Secrets of Whitewater Creek by Sarah Barrie REVIEW

Emergence by John Birmingham REVIEW

Let Down Your Hair by Fiona Price REVIEW

The Maxwell Sisters by Loretta Hill REVIEW

Fly In Fly Out by Georgina Penney REVIEW

It Started with a Kiss by Lisa Heidke REVIEW


The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion REVIEW

Nanny Confidential by Phillipa Christian REVIEW

Riverboat Point by Tricia Stringer REVIEW

Once a Month Cooking by Jody Allen REVIEW

Eden by Candice Fox REVIEW

Up and In by Deborah Disney REVIEW

Merciless Gods by Christos Tsiolkas REVIEW

Between Us by Marieke Hardy & Michelle McGuire REVIEW

South of Darkness by John Marsden REVIEW

Gemma’s Bluff by Karly Lane REVIEW

Laurinda by Alice Pung REVIEW

Breaking Beauty by Lynette Washington (Ed) REVIEW

Wife on the Run by Fiona Higgins REVIEW

The Great Plains by Nicole Alexander REVIEW

Our Kind of Love by Victoria Purman REVIEW

Forbidden Fruit by Ilsa Evans REVIEW

Family Matters by Pat McDermott REVIEW

Nightingale by Fiona McIntosh REVIEW

A Fig at the Gate by Kate Llewellyn REVIEW

Springtime by Michelle de Kretsner REVIEW

The Brewer’s Tale by Karen Brooks REVIEW

Killing Adonis by J.M Donnellan REVIEW

Cook Book by Matt Preston REVIEW

Already Dead by Jaye Ford REVIEW

The French Prize by Cathryn Hein REVIEW

Can You Keep a Secret? by Caroline Overington REVIEW

Zac and Mia by AJ Betts REVIEW

Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown REVIEW

The Book of Days by K>A Barker REVIEW

The Sunnyvale Girls by Fiona Palmer REVIEW

Lyrebird Hill by Anna Romer REVIEW

Rachael’s Gift by Alexandra Cameron REVIEW

Rain Dance by Karen Wood REVIEW

Hello from the Gillespies by Monica McIerney REVIEW

Reluctantly Charmed by Ellie O’Neill REVIEW

Outback Ghost by Rachael Johns REVIEW

Cooper Bartholomew is Dead by Rebecca James REVIEW

Half the World in Winter by Maggie Joel REVIEW

Mothers and Daughters by Kylie Ladd REVIEW

Craven by Melanie Casey REVIEW

Golden Boys by Sonya Hartnett REVIEW

When the Night Comes by Favel Parret REVIEW

Moonlight Plains by Barbara Hannay REVIEW

Quick by Steve Worland REVIEW

Hindsight by Melanie Casey REVIEW

Nest by Inga Simpson REVIEW

Deadly Obsession by Karen M Davis REVIEW

Hamlet’s Ghost by Jane Tara REVIEW

Are You Seeing me? by Darren Groth REVIEW

Deeper Water by Jessie Cole REVIEW

The Aitch Factor by Susan Butler REVIEW

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty REVIEW

A Fatal Tide by Steve Sailah REVIEW

Chasing the Ace by Nicholas J Johnson  REVIEW

Family Secrets by Liz Byrski REVIEW

Reservoir Dad by Clint Greagan REVIEW

Colours of Gold by Kaye Dobbie REVIEW

What Came Before by Anna George REVIEW

Let Her Go by Dawn Barker REVIEW

Lost & Found by Brooke Davis REVIEW

Red Sand Sunrise by Fiona McArthur REVIEW

Marble Bar by Robert Schofield REVIEW

Skinjob by Bruce McCabe REVIEW

Currawong Manor by Jospehine Pennicott REVIEW

For One Night Only by Philipa Fioretti REVIEW

Present Darkness by Mall Nunn REVIEW

Lick by Kylie Scott REVIEW

The Secrets of Silence by Nicole Trope REVIEW

The Blue Mile by Kim Kelly REVIEW

The Caller by Juliet Marillier REVIEW

Shadowfell by Juliet Mariller

Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier

Being Jade by Kate Belle REVIEW

A Place of Her Own by Deborah O’Brien REVIEW

St Kilda Blues by Geoffrey McGeachin REVIEW

Chasing Shadows by Leila Yusaf Chung REVIEW

Billabong Bend by Jennifer Scoullar REVIEW

Encore by Margaret Lynette Sharp REVIEW

Charlotte’s Creek by There Creed REVIEW

The Unknown Woman by Jacqueline Lunn REVIEW

Four Leaf Clover by Charmaine Ross REVIEW

The Scent of Murder by Felicity Young REVIEW

Ronan’s Echo by Joanne Van Os REVIEW

Outback Blaze by Rachael Johns REVIEW

Temptation by KM Golland REVIEW

Through the Cracks by Honey Brown REVIEW

Rocking Horse Hill by Cathryn Hein REVIEW

Temptation by K.M. Golland REVIEW

From the Feet Up by Tanya Saad REVIEW

The Tea Chest by Josephine Moon REVIEW

Losing Kate by Kylie Kaden REVIEW

Beached by Ros Baxter REVIEW

Fish Out of Water by Ros Baxter

Crimson Dawn by Fleur McDonald REVIEW

The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook by Liz Harfull REVIEW

Simmering Season by Jenn J McLeod REVIEW

After Everything by Suellen Dainty

Tracking North by Kerry McGinnis REVIEW

Beams Falling by P.M. Newton REVIEW

Safe Harbour by Helene Young REVIEW

Iron Junction by Charlotte Nash REVIEW

The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster REVIEW

Making Soapies in Kabul by Trudi-Ann Tierney REVIEW

Mountain Ash by Margareta Osborn REVIEW

The Wardrobe Girl by Jennifer Smart REVIEW

Tiddas by Anita Heiss REVIEW

Lingerie for Felons by Ros Baxter REVIEW

The Fourth Season by Dorothy Johnston REVIEW

Fairway To Heaven by Lily Malone REVIEW

The Lost Girls by Wendy James REVIEW

The Train Rider by Tony Cavanaugh REVIEW

Dead Girl Sing by Tony Cavanaugh

Promise by Tony Cavanaugh

The Heart Radical by Boyd Anderson REVIEW

I’d Eat That by Calum Hann REVIEW

Someone Like You by Victoria Purman REVIEW

The Grass Castle by Karen Viggers REVIEW

Close up by Kate Forster REVIEW

The Greatest Lover Ever by Christina Brooke REVIEW

Lord of the Hunt by Shona Husk REVIEW

Call Me Sasha by Geena Leigh REVIEW

The Girl in the Yellow Vest by Loretta Hill REVIEW

Monkey Business by Kathryn Ledson REVIEW

Hades by Candice Fox REVIEW


Right As Rain by Tricia Stringer REVIEW

The Tailors Girl by Fiona McIntosh REVIEW

The Happy Endings Book Club by Jane Tara REVIEW

Yours Truly by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire (Non Fiction) REVIEW

The Kissing Season by Rachael Johns (Romance) REVIEW

Dish It Up by Hayden Quinn ( Non Fiction) REVIEW

The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC by Jesse Fink (Non Fiction) REVIEW

Through the Farm Gate by Angela Goode ( Non Fiction) REVIEW

Poppy’s Dilemma by Karly Lane REVIEW

Snake Bite by Christie Thompson REVIEW

Happy Eva After by Chris Harrison REVIEW

Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas REVIEW

Cluetopia by David Astle (Non Fiction) REVIEW

The Lazy Hostess by Babe Scott (Non Fiction) REVIEW

Driftwood by Mandy Magro (Rural Romance) REVIEW

Shame and the Captives by Tom Keneally (Historical) REVIEW

The First Week by Margaret Merrilees (Literary) REVIEW

Coal Creek by Alex Miller (Literary) REVIEW

Ride Like Hell and You’ll Get There: Detours into Mayhem by Paul Carter (Memoir) REVIEW

Bombproof by Michael Robotham (Thriller) REVIEW

Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting (Contemporary) REVIEW

How To Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman (Suspense) REVIEW

Nobody But Him by Victoria Purman (Rural Romance) REVIEW

The Rose Project by Graeme C Stinston (Contemporary) REVIEW

No Place Like Home by Caroline Overington (Contemporary/Crime) REVIEW

The Outback Heart by Fiona Palmer (Rural Romance) REVIEW

Outback Dreams by Rachael Johns (Rural Romance)  REVIEW

The Jade Widow by Deborah O’Brien (Historical)  REVIEW

The Perfect Wife by Katherine Scholes (Historical) REVIEW

The Turning by Tim Winton (Literary) REVIEW

Ill-Gotten Gains by Ilsa Evans (Mystery) REVIEW

A Trifle Dead by Livia Day (Mystery) REVIEW

Tsunami and the Single Girl by Krissy Nicholson (Memoir) REVIEW

Thornwood House by Anna Romer (Suspense) REVIEW

Floodline by Katherine Heyman (Literary)  REVIEW

Underground Road by Sharon Kernot (Contemporary) REVIEW

Sunset Ridge by Nicole Alexander (Historical) REVIEW

Zero at the Bone by David Whish-Wilson (Crime) REVIEW

The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald (Suspense) REVIEW

The Best Man by Dianne Blacklock (Contemporary) REVIEW

Blood Secret by Jaye Ford (Thriller) REVIEW

Just Between US by Various (Anthology) REVIEW

Nefarious Doings by Ilsa Evans (Cosy Mystery)  REVIEW

His Stupid Boyhood by Peter Goldsworthy (memoir) REVIEW

Trouble Brewing by Jane Tara (Paranormal Romance)  REVIEW

The Vale Girl by Nelika McDonald (Contemporary/Literary) REVIEW

The Inevitability of Stars by Kathryn R Lyster REVIEW

Sinister Intent by Karen M Davis (Crime)  REVIEW

Home Before Sundown by Barbara Hannay (Rural Romance) REVIEW

Poisoned Waters by Ermisenda Alvarez (Mystery)  REVIEW

Banish by Nicola Marsh (paranormal YA) REVIEW

If I Tell You…I’ll Have to Kill You (NonFiction) REVIEW

Traces of Absence by Susan Holoubek (Contemporary) REVIEW

Combustion by Steve Worland (Action) REVIEW

Dancing With the Devil by Keri Arthur (Paranormal) REVIEW

The Dying Beach by Angela Savage (Crime) REVIEW

The Heaven I Swallowed by Rachel Hennessy (Literary) REVIEW

Hunter: Intrepid 2 by Chris Allen (Action/Adventure) REVIEW

Lightning by Felicity Volk (Contemporary Literary) REVIEW

March by Sunni Overend (Contemporary) REVIEW

Burned by Persephone Nicholas ( Contemporary) REVIEW

Every Family’s Nightmare by Belinda Hawkins (Non Fiction) REVIEW

Heist by Robert Schofield (Crime) REVIEW

From Alice With Love by Jo Dutton (Contemporary) REVIEW

Blood Witness by Alex Hammond (Crime) REVIEW

just_a_girl by Kirsten Krauth (Contemporary) REVIEW

Currawong Creek by Jennifer Scoullar (Contemporary) REVIEW

A Distant Land by Alison Booth (General) REVIEW

Murder with The Lot by Sue Williams (Crime)

Get Well Soon! My (un)Brilliant Career As A Nurse by Kirsty Chambers (Non Fiction) REVIEW

The Baby Farmers by Annie Cossins (Non Fiction) REVIEW

Sisters of Spicefield by Fran Cusworth (Contemporary) REVIEW

Three Hours Late by Nicole Trope (Contemporary/Suspense) REVIEW

Allegiance Sworn by Kylie Griffin (Paranormal Romance) REVIEW

Alliance Forged by Kylie Griffin (Paranormal Romance) REVIEW

Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin (Paranormal Romance) REVIEW

Destiny Road by Melissa Wray (YA) REVIEW

No Safe Place by Jenny Spence (Suspense) REVIEW

Flame Tree Hill by Mandy Magro (Rural Fiction) REVIEW

Wildlife by Fiona Wood (YA) REVIEW

A Bitter Taste by Annie Hauxwell (Crime) REVIEW

Half Moon Bay by Helene Young (Romantic Suspense) REVIEW

Saved by the Bride by Fiona Lowe (Romance) REVIEW

Heartland by Kathryn Hein (Rural Romance) REVIEW

The Yearning by Kate Belle (Contemporary) REVIEW

Rules of Conception by Angel Lawrence (Contemporary) REVIEW

Taking a Chance by Deborah Burrows (Historical Mystery) REVIEW

Into My Arms by Kylie Ladd (Contemporary) REVIEW

Antidote To Murder by Felicity Young (Historical Mystery) REVIEW

Redstone Station by Therese Creed (Rural Fiction) REVIEW

Peace, Love and Khaki Socks by Kim Lock (Contemporary) REVIEW

The Grand Adventures of Madeleine Cain by Emily Craven (Contemporary New Adult) REVIEW

Dark Horse by Honey Brown (Suspense) REVIEW

Ghost Money by Andrew Nette (Crime) REVIEW

Roll With It by Nick Place (Crime) REVIEW

The Grand Adventures of Madeleine Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire by Emily Craven (New Adult) REVIEW

Out of the Silence by Wendy James (Historical) REVIEW

Ask Me To Stay by Elise K Ackers (Romance) REVIEW

The Railwayman’s Wife by Ashley Hay (Historical) REVIEW

Fractured by Dawn Barker (Contemporary) REVIEW

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (Contemporary) REVIEW

Sweet Damage by Rebecca James (YA Suspense) REVIEW

Saving Grace by Fiona Mccallum (Rural Fiction) REVIEW

The French Promise by Fiona McIntosh (Historical Fiction) REVIEW

His Brand of Beautiful by Lily Malone (Romance) REVIEW

Bush Nurses by Annabelle Brayley (Non Fiction) REVIEW

Silver Clouds by Fiona McDonald (Rural Fiction) REVIEW

The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth (Historical Fiction) REVIEW

The Midnight Dress by Karen Foxlee (Contemporary/Literary} REVIEW

Hope’s Road by Margareta Osborn (Contemporary Rural Romance) REVIEW

Good News, Bad News by Maggie Groff (Contemporray/Crime) REVIEW

Hidden by Marianne Curley (YA Speculative)

House For All Seasons by Jenn J McLeod (Contemporary) REVIEW

The Sunburnt Country by Fiona Palmer (Contemporary Rural Romance) REVIEW

Long and Short Australian Stories by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Short Stories) REVIEW

The Autumn Bride by Anne Gracie (Historical Romance) REVIEW

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre De Roche (Memoir) REVIEW

Blackwattle Lake by Pamela Cook (Contemporary) REVIEW

Back to the Pilliga by Tony Parsons (Contemporary) REVIEW

Losing February by Susanna Freymark (Contemporary) REVIEW

What the Raven Saw by Samantha-Ellen Bound (Childrens/Teens) REVIEW

Beneath Outback Skies by Alissa Callen (Romance) REVIEW

Web of Deceit by Katherine Howell (Crime) REVIEW

Paper Chains by Nicola Moriarty (Contemporary) REVIEW

Rough Diamond by Kathryn Ledson (Romantic/Comedy/ Crime) REVIEW

For the Love of a Goblin Warrior by Shona Husk (Paranormal Romance) REVIEW

Kiss of a Goblin Prince by Shona Husk (Paranormal Romance)

The Goblin King by Shona Husk (Paranormal Romance)  REVIEW

Rescue Heat by Nina Hamilton (Romance) REVIEW

What is Left Over, After by Natasha Lester (Contemporary) REVIEW

The Boy Who Fell to Earth by Kathy Lette (Contemporary) REVIEW

Seduction by Kate Forster (Romance) REVIEW

The Girl in the Hard Hat by Loretta Hill (Romance) REVIEW

Fifty Bales of Hay by Rachael Treasure (Erotica) REVIEW


Man Drought by Rachael Johns (Rural Romance)

Behind the Sun by Deborah Challinor (Historical)

Inheritance by Kate Loveday (Romantic suspense)

The Harp in the South by Ruth Park (Classic)

Saltwater Vampires by Kirsty Eagar (YA Speculative)

Shallow Breath by Sara Foster (Contemporary Suspense)

Sex, Lies and Bonsai by Lisa Walker (Contemporary)

The Scrivener’s Tale by Fiona McIntosh (Fantasy)

Lethal Inheritance by Tahlia Newland (YA)

The Man Plan by Elise K Ackers (Romance)

Where Have You Been? by Wendy James (Suspense)

Sister Pact by Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter (Contemporary Chick Lit)

Bedpan Blues by Sandy Thorne (Humour)

Absolution Creek by Nicole Alexander (Historical)

Being Anti-Social by Leigh K Cunningham (Contemporary)

Bridie’s Choice by Karly Lane (Rural Romance)

Sydney Blue by Bruce Wallace (Crime)

Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears (Literary)

Chaos Born by Rebekah Turner (Urban fantasy)

The Essential Leunig by Michale Leuinig (Non Fiction)

Hannah and Emil by Belinda Castles (Historical)

Shine Light by Marianne de Pierres (YA SciFi/Fantasy)

Cage Life by Karin Cox (Contemporary/Short Stories)

Feral Bells by Peta Jo (Contemporary/Romance)

In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose MacColl (Historical)

Everything Changes But You by Maggie Alderson (Contemporary)

Run To Me by Erin Golding (Romance)

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton (General)

Sisters of Mercy by Caroline Overington (General)

Hard Labour Edited by Andrew Nette, Cameron Ashley and Liam Jose (Crime)

Drink, Smoke, Pass Out by Judith Lucy (Memoir)

Sincerely: Women of Letters by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire (Non Fiction)

The Robbers by Paul Anderson (Crime)

Darkness on the Edge of Town by Jessie Cole (Contemporary)

The Burial by Courtney Collins (Literary)

Slave Girl by Alexa Moses (Young Adult)

The Convent by Maureen McCarthy (Contemporary/Historical)

The Lost Battlefields of Kokoda by Brian Freeman (Non Fiction)

The House of Memories by Monica McInerney (Contemporary)

My Sister’s Funeral by Stephen Bush (Mystery)

Destined To Play by Indigo Bloome (Erotica)

URL Love by Harper Collins Australia (Romance)

In The Company of Strangers by Liz Byrski (Contemporary)

A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty (Fantasy)

Mr Chen’s Emporium by Deborah O’Brien (Historical/Contemporary)

January First by Michael Schofield (NonFiction)

Stage Fright by Marianne Delacourt (Crime)

After the Darkness by Honey Brown (Psychological Thriller)

Velocity by Steve Worland (Action Thriller)

Beneath the Darkening Sky by Majok Tulba (General)

Death By Beauty by Gabrielle Lord (Crime)

Liar Bird by Lisa Walker (Contemporary)

Entitlement by Jessica White (Contemporary)

Corrupted Classics by HarperCollins (ShortStories)

No Remorse by Ian Walkley (Thriller)

The Boundary by Nicole Watson (Crime)

A Taste of Life and Love in Australia by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Short stories)

Sin’s Dark Caress by Tracey O’Hara (Urban Fantasy)

Boomerang Bride by Fiona Lowe (Romance)

Band-Aid for a Broken Leg by Damien Brown (NonFiction)

Cold Grave by Kathryn Fox (Crime)

Zoe’s Muster by Barbara Hannay (Rural Romance Fiction)

Waratah House by Ann Whitehead (Historical)

The Secret Ingredient by Dianne Blacklock (Contemporary)

Brumby’s Run by Jennifer Scoullar (Rural Fiction)

The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do (Memoir)

Burning Lies by Helene Young (Romantic Suspense)

The Rest is Weight by Jennifer Mills (Short Stories)

Dancing Backwards in High Heels {Contemporary}

Impractical Jokes by Charlie Pickering {Non Fiction/Humour}

Jilted by Rachael Johns {Romance}

My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson (Literary)

A Stranger In My Street by Deborah Burrows (Contemporary/Mystery)

The Boy Under the Table by Nicole Trope (Contemporary/Suspense)

Honeycomb Kids by Anna Campbell (Non-Fiction)

Blackwattle Creek by Geoffrey McGeachin (Crime)

Eleven Seasons by Paul D Carter (Young Adult)

The Betrayal by YA Erskine (Crime)

Jacaranda by Mandy Magro (Romance)

Silent Valley by Malla Nunn (Crime)

Lucinda’s Whirlwind by Louise Limerick (Contemporary)

Mary Bennet by Jennifer Paynter (Historical)

Love and Hunger by Charlotte Wood (Memoir/Cookbook)

Let the Dead Lie by Malla Nunn (Crime)

Heart of the Valley by Cathryn Hein (Romance)

The Brotherhood by YA Erskine (Crime)

Morgan’s Law by Karly Lane (Romance)

The Reunion by Joanne Fedler (Contemporary)

Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar (YA)

Wattle Creek by Fiona McCallum (Contemporary)

The Fortunes of Ruby White by Lia Weston (Contemporary)

Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth (Historical)

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman (Historical)

Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry {Suspense}

Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute by Maggie Groff (Contemporary)

The Industry by Rose Foster (Young Adult)

North Star by Karly Lane (Contemporary)

The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh (Historical)

Women of the Land by Liz Harfull (Non Fiction)

The Mothers’ Group by Fiona Higgins (Contemporary)

Purple Roads by Fleur McDonald (Contemporary)

The Road Home by Fiona Palmer (Romance)

Putting Alice Back Together by Carol Marinelli (Contemporary)

ones a poner time by Ilsa Evans (Memoir)

The Chicken Thief by Fiona Leonard (Thriller)

Shattered Sky by Helene Young (Romantic Suspense)

High Potential by Ber Carroll (Contemporary)

Scared Yet? by Jaye Ford (Suspense)

A Dissection of Murder by Felicity Young (Historical/Mystery)

Bella’s Run by Margareta Osborn (Romance)

The Memory Tree by Tess Evans (Literary)

The Mistake by Wendy James (Contemporary)

The Fine Colour of Rust by PA O’Reilly (Contemporary)

Five Bells by Gail Jones (Literary)

Sharp Turn by Marianne Delacourt (Crime)

Silent Fear by Katherine Howell (Crime)

Free-Falling by Nicola Moriarty (Contemporary)

**The Festival By the Sea by June Loves (Contemporary)

Me of the Never Never by Fiona O’Loughlin (Memoir)

**Mad About the Earl: Interview with Christina Brooke (historical romance)

The Girl in the Steel-Capped Boots by Loretta Hill (Contemporary)

Under the Influence by Jacqueline Lunn (Contemporary)

Call Me Cruel by Michael Duffy (True Crime)

Wings of Fear by Helene Young (Romantic Suspense)

Empire Day by Diane Armstrong (Historical)

Comeback (Cliff Hardy # 37) by Peter Corris (Mystery)

Stella Makes Good by Lisa Heidke (Contemporary)


The Fragment of Dreams by Phillipa Fioretti (Contemporary)

A Matter of Perception by Thalia Newland (Short Stories)

The Book of Love by Phillipa Fioretti (Contemporary)

Cooking the Books (Corinna Chapman #6) by Kerry Greenwood (Mystery)

The Fix by Nick Earls (Crime Fiction)

Rain by Leigh K Cunningham (Fiction)

How Now Brown Cow by Merridy Eastman (Memoir)

Love, Honour and O’Brien by Jennifer Rowe (Mystery)

The Hypnotists Love Story by Liane Moriarty (Contemporary Fiction)

Last Summer by Kylie Ladd {(Contemporary Fiction)

The Siren’s Sting by Miranda Darling (Thriller)

Airmail by Naomi Bulger (Fiction)

Granville: A Mothers’ Grief by June Ollernshaw (Non Fiction)

Bob Moore: No Hero by Tom Andry (Mystery)

Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur (Paranormal)

A Season of Transformation by Jayne Fordham (YA paranormal)

The Wreckage by Michael Robotham (Thriller)

Vintage Alice by Jessica Adams (Chic-lit)

Burn Bright {Night Creatures #1} by Mariane de Pierres (YA fantasy)

Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar (YA contemporary)

Sharp Shooter by Marianne Delacourt (Crime/Mystery)

Death’s Sweet Embrace by Tracy O’Hara (Paranormal)

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (General)

Night’s Cold Kiss by Tracy O’Hara (Paranormal)

Two Fisted Tweets by James Hutchings (General)

Secrets from the Dust by George Hamilton (General)

Hey, You in the Black T-shirt by Michael Chugg (Non Fiction)

Body Count by PD Martin (Crime/Mystery)

Frantic by Katherine Howell (Crime/Mystery)

Things That Bogans Like by EC McSween (Humor)

Lessons in Letting Go: Confessions of a Hoarder by Corinne Grant (Non Fiction)

Watch the World Burn by Leah Giarratano (Crime/Mystery)

Deep Water by Peter Corris (Crime/Mystery)

The Valley by Di Morrissey (General)

The Weight of Silence by Catherine Therese (Non Fiction)

Family Law by Benjamin Law (Non fiction)

Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland (Crime/Mystery)

Diamond Dove by Adrian Hyland (Crime/Mystery)

Gucci Mamas by Cate Kendall (Chic Lit)

Angel Thief by Jenny Schwartz (Paranormal)

A Darker Music by Maris Morton (General)

Danann Frost Falls From Grace by Joanne Valilukas (Fantasy)

The Winter of Our Disconnect by Susan Maushart (Non Fiction)

A Dream of Something More by Jane Carter (General)

The Build Up by Phillip Gwynne (Crime/Mystery)

To Hell in a Handcart by Dianna Simmons (Non Fiction)


Aussie Author Month Posts April 2011

Five Aussie Classics

Aussie Author Month: It’s a Crime {and a mystery} (crime & mystery)

Aussie Author Month: Modern Girls (chic-lit)

Aussie Author Month: ‘A wilful , lavish land‘ (general fiction)

Aussie Author Month: In the Never Never (horror, fantasy, sci fi and spec fiction)

Aussie Author Month: The Young Country (YA fiction)

Aussie Author Month: We Are One (general fiction)