2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge


The aim of the Nonfiction Reader Challenge is to encourage you to make nonfiction part of your reading experience during the year.

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GOAL: Nonfiction Nosher: Read 12 books, one for each category


1. Social History Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History by Eliza Reilly

2. Popular Science The Nocturnal Brain by Dr Guy Leschziner

3. Language Unmask Alice by Rick Emerson 

4. Medical Memoir Scrubbed by Dr Nikki Stamp

5. Climate/Weather The Torrent by Amanda Gearing

6. Celebrity The Big Bang Theory by Jessica Radloff

7. Reference The Book of Phobias & Manias by Kate Summerscale 

8. Geography Atlas of Abandoned Places by Oliver Smith

9. Linked to a podcast Do As I Say by Sarah Steel

10. Wild Animals The Unexpected Truth About Animals by Lucy Cooke

11. Economics Australia’s Great Depression by Joan Beaumont

12. Published in 2022 Rattled by Ellis Gunn