In 2022…My Life in Books


Just something I put together for fun each year.
Consider yourself tagged, feel free to tag others.

Complete the prompts using titles from the books you have read in 2022


2022 was the year of: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

In 2022 I wanted to be: Poster Girl by Veronica Roth

In 2022 I was: Sincerely, Me by Juliette Henderson

In 2022 I gained: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

In 2022 I lost: Confidence by Denise Mina

In 2022 I loved: The All of It by Cadance Bell

In 2022 I hated: The Liars by Petronella McGovern

In 2022 I learned: The Tricky Art of Forgiveness by Meredith Jaffe

In 2022 I was surprised by: The Change by Kirsten Miller

In 2022 I went to: A Stone’s Throw Away by Karly Lane

In 2022 I missed out on: The Trivia Night by Ali Lowe

In 2022 my family were: Love and Other Puzzles by Kimberley Allsopp

In 2023 I hope (for a): Fairy Tale by Stephen King


If you decide to give it a try, please leave your link in the comments. I’d appreciate a link back to Book’d Out and you are welcome to download and use the tag header

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