2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge


I hope you will join me for the 2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge, now in its 3rd year.

The aim of the Nonfiction Reader Challenge is to encourage you to make nonfiction part of your reading experience during the year.


You can select, read and review a book from the categories listed below during the year for a total of up to 12 books; OR select, read and review any nonfiction book. A book may be in print, electronic or audio format.

Choose a goal:

Nonfiction Nipper: Read & review 3 books, from any 3 listed categories

Nonfiction Nibbler: Read & review 6 books, from any 6 listed categories

Nonfiction Nosher: Read & review 12 books, one book for each listed category


Nonfiction Grazer: Read & review any nonfiction book. Set your own goal


1. Social History

2. Popular Science

3.  Language

4. Medical Memoir

5. Climate/Weather

6. Celebrity

7. Reference

8. Geography

9. Companion to a podcast

10. Wild Animals

11. Economics

12. Published in 2022

The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st 2022. Participants may join at any time up until December 1st 2022.

For further details and to sign up, please visit the

2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge page

26 thoughts on “2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

  1. I don’t really do a blog, just post reviews. I added an image to Linky, even tried adding a link to my site, but wound up going in circles and using lots of bad words. “Click here to Enter” seems determined to hasten my ultimate demise.


  2. May have linked the wrong thing, though. linked to the homepage of my site. But it looks like it should have been to the actual reviews. Should I have posted an entry there for each one? Sorry to be so dim about all this.


    1. No problem Will. There are two Linky’s- one to add your blog when you sign up to the challenge, the second is to add links to each of your reviews as they are posted on your blog or goodreads. To link a review on Goodreads, click My Activity on the book page, and copy the address in the browser to use in the Linky.
      I’ll put together a pictorial how to, I’m sure you aren’t the only one who isnt sure how it works.


  3. Ok so I finally have time to look through the 230 nonfiction books on my Goodreads TBR, would this one fit in the Social History category, per chance? American Prison: A Reporter’s Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment


  4. I will probably do the Nonfiction Grazer. I read several nonfiction books each year, and I like to expand my horizons through reading challenges. But I have so many books to be read stacked up, I want to get to them rather than looking for books in topics I am not interested in. I’ll link up a post with reading plans at the beginning of the year.

    I also wanted to make a suggestion, and I won’t be offended at all if you reject it. 🙂 I’d love to see another level between Nibbler and Nosher with something like 8-9 books. That’s usually where I end up, and it would be nice to have a level for more than halfway.


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