Review: Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella


Title: Christmas Shopaholic {Shopaholic #9}

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Published: October 15th 2019, Bantam

Status: Read December 2019, courtesy PenguinRandomHouse Au


I’ve read a few of the books in Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series but it’s been a while. Christmas Shopaholic is the ninth book to feature Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood).

Christmas is Becky’s favourite shopping holiday season, and she’s looking forward to the traditional celebration at her parents home, surrounded by family and friends. When the Bloomwood’s unexpectedly announce they are temporarily relocating to an apartment in Shoreditch, Becky enthusiastically agrees to host instead, and she’s determined that everything will perfect.

Becky is generally charming, if flaky, with good intentions that tend to go comically awry. In this instance, attempting to create the perfect Christmas experience proves a little more challenging than Becky imagines as she pursues everything from the ideal gift for husband Luke, to the latest must have tree decoration, all while trying to plan a menu that will please everyone. Throw in the reappearance of an ex-boyfriend, a stuffy Men’s club who refuses to sell her raffle tickets, and a disapproving Norwegian ambassador, and Becky has her hands full, though she always has time for shopping.

Christmas Shopaholic is a light hearted and uncomplicated read for the festive season.


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Review: I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

Title: I Owe You One

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Published: Bantam Press February 2019

Status: Read April 2019



My Thoughts:

It’s difficult to have to admit disappointment in what was once an author I could reliably expect to find entertaining. Perhaps I’m simply too jaded (ok…old) now to be charmed by Kinsella’s formula, because I’ve increasingly found her heroines insipid, and the romances underwhelming.

I found myself horribly impatient with not only Fixie’s inability to leave things alone, but also her repeated failure to defend herself from her narcissistic siblings. The romance between Seb and Fixie, complicated by the presence of Whiny Briony, is a touch unsavoury, though I did like the meet-cute setup. Ryan is so irredeemably awful from the outset I could never take him seriously.

That said, there were moments that I found entertaining, the shop assistants in Farr’s, the family business, were amusing, and I particularly enjoyed it when the Cake Club crashed the Farr’s store’s ‘relaunch’ party.

I Owe You One is an undemanding romantic comedy, and I expect fans of Kinsella will generally enjoy it, unfortunately I found it just tolerable.


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