Review: Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans

Title: Euphoria Kids

Author: Alison Evans

Published: February 4th 2020, Echo Publishing

Status: Read February 2020 courtesy Echo Publishing/BFredericksPR


My Thoughts:

Euphoria Kids is an enchanting tale of identity, friendship, and belonging for young adults from Alison Evans.

Told with imagination and tenderness, it introduces Iris, identified as non-binary, who makes a wish for a friend and finds first Babs, a girl who often not only feels, but sometimes is, invisible, and a trans boy, new to the school, who has not yet found his real name.

The prose is lyrical with a whimsical tone. Using magic in part as a metaphor, Evan’s characters explore their who they are, and who they want to be, supporting one another in finding and facing their truths. And as with all fairytales there is a happy ending.

I (a cis, straight, white woman in her 40’s) am not the target audience for this book but I do appreciate, and respect, the author’s intent to provide representation and support for genderqueer youth. I hope this book finds it way into schools and libraries where it will have a chance to work its magic for those in need.


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