Featured Australian Women Writers

In support of the Australian Women Writers Challenge  I plan to regularly feature Australian women writers throughout the year

If you are an Australian woman author with a new release  due to be published  please feel free to  CONTACT ME to request a review



Shona Husk: For the Love of a Goblin Warrior

Kathryn Ledson : Rough Diamond


Pamela Cook: Blackwattle Lake

Anne Gracie: The Autumn Bride

Margaret Lynette Sharp: Long and Short Australian Stories


Jenn J McLeod: House For All Seasons

Marianne Curley: Hidden

Kate Forsyth: The Wild Girl


Rebecca James: Sweet Damage



Lisa Heidke: Stella Makes Good (Allen & Unwin Australia)

Christina Brook: Mad About the Earl (Penguin).

Loretta Hill: The Girl With the Steel Capped Boots (Random House Australia)

June Loves: Festival by the Sea (Penguin)


Nicola Moriarty:Free Falling (Random House)

Paddy O’Reilly: The Fine Colour of Dust (Harper Collins Australia)

Wendy James: The Mistake (Penguin Aus)

Tess Evans: The Memory Tree (Allen & Unwin)


Margareta Osborn: Bella’s Run(Random House Australia).

Felicity Young: A Dissection of Murder(Harper Collins Australia)

Carol Marinelli: Putting Alice Back Together (Mira)

Jaye Ford: Scared Yet (Random House Australia)

Ilsa Evans: Ones a poner time


Rose Foster: The Industry (Harper Collins Australia)

Bronwyn Parry: Dead Heat (Hachette)

Josephine Pennicott: Poet’s Cottage (Pan McMillan Australia)

Kate Forsyth: Bitter Greens (Random House)

Fiona McCallum: Wattle Creek (Mira)


Charlotte Wood:Love & Hunger Thoughts on the Gift of Food (Allen & Unwin)

Shona Husk: Kiss of The Goblin

Karly Lane: Morgan’s Run

Malia Nunn: Silent Valley (Pan MacMillan Australia)

Jennifer Paynter: Mary Bennet


Wendy Orr

Nicole Trope: The Boy Under the Table

Rachel Johns: Jilted (Mira)

Jennifer Mills: The Rest is Weight (UQLD Press Australia)


Helene Young: Burning Lies (Hachette Australia)

Kathryn Fox: Cold Grave (Pan Macmillan)

Jennifer Scoullar: Brumby’s Run

Barbara Hannay: Zoe’s Muster

Dianne Blacklock


Lisa Walker: Liar Bird


Jaclyn Moriarty: A Corner of White (Pan MacMillan)

Deborah O’Brien: Mr Chen’s Emporium (Random House)


Alexa Moses: Slave Girl

Jessie Cole : The Edge of Darkness


Caroline Overington: Sisters of Mercy

Erin Golding: Run To Me

Peta-Jo: Feral Bells


Lisa Walker: Sex Lies and Bonsai

Ros Baxter: Sister Pact

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Meghan Brewster
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 09:51:58

    Amazing, I’ve just started reading heaps of Australian Lady writers, and needed a few more titles, Thanks.



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