Review: The CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet Lifestyle Solution by Professor Grant Brinkworth & Dr. Pennie Taylor

Title: The CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet Lifestyle Solution

Author: Professor Grant Brinkworth & Dr. Pennie Taylor

Published: August 25th 2020, Macmillan Australia

Status: Read August 2020 courtesy PanMacmillan Australia



My Thoughts:


The CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) is a trusted Australian institution responsible for innovations including WiFi, plastic banknotes, the Hendra virus vaccine and even Aerogard. The CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet Lifestyle Solution is the fourth book in a series developed by the health researchers of CSIRO which aims to provide a practical guide, backed by science, for individuals to looking to implement a healthy, low-carb, lifestyle.

This particular volume is geared towards those who have, or are at risk of developing, a diabetic condition. Around 1.7 million Australians have diabetes and 280 Australians develop diabetes every day. A large number of those will be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which can be managed, and even prevented, with lifestyle changes that include a healthy eating plan and exercise.

In The CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet Lifestyle Solution the authors begin with an overview of Type 2 diabetes, its causes – including risk factors; and its effects – on both society, and the individual.

The second section presents the science that the CSIRO used to develop the plans and recipes in the book, and the outcome of their trial on individuals health, which is reassuring for those concerned with evidence based success.

For someone newly diagnosed with diabetes, or its warning signs, the changes required to their diet can be overwhelming. Along with information on choosing your optimal kilojoule requirements, and pictorials to help you understand how a diet plan can be built using a units based method, sections three and four aim to assist by providing twelve comprehensive weekly meal plans (plus shopping lists) and 75+ recipes.

Divided into meal periods, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (by protein), each recipe includes ingredients and method along with serving size, preparation time, cooking time and difficulty level, perfect for cooks of all ability. The recipe also provides information about the units per serve, and the number of carbs is highlighted. Full colour, attractive photographs accompany the majority of recipes. A layout example, and sample recipe is below:



Extract from The CSIRO Low-Carb Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Solution by Professor Grant Brinkworth and Dr Pennie Taylor. Macmillan Australia, RRP $36.99, Available 25th August. Photography by Rob Palmer. Click here to LOOK INSIDE the book.


Physical activity plays an important role in preventing, and managing diabetes. The final section of the book provides information on safely integrating exercise into your lifestyle, and provides photographic examples of several low impact exercises that can enhance your success when paired with the meal plan.

I think The CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet Lifestyle Solution would be an ideal purchase, or gift, for someone newly diagnosed with diabetes, though even if you aren’t affected by the disease, the meal plan and recipes in the book would also be beneficial for those seeking low carb menu options, to lose weight, or improve their general health.



Available from PanMacmillan Australia

Or from your preferred retailer via Booko I Book Depository

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 1girl2manybooks
    Aug 30, 2020 @ 09:53:02

    Ooh I know someone newly diagnosed but already in quite a severe situation who has to make a LOT of changes that would benefit from this book enormously I think.

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  2. Cherry Hughes
    Aug 30, 2020 @ 16:34:26

    Diabetes is not a problem you want to live with, so good to see a book that deals with the dietary needs is an engaging way. Might look out for this…I’m a real recipe junkie anyway.

    Liked by 1 person


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  4. Barbara Harper
    Sep 01, 2020 @ 07:10:42

    This looks helpful. My husband was diagnosed last year, but our dr. didn’t tell him much besides to lower his carbs.

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