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We celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday. My parents drove up – they live about 100km south of us and #stayathome orders were just relaxed which allowed them to travel and visit. We had afternoon tea under the carport, with social distancing of course. It was lovely to see them both well, and they bought gifts which included a bookshelf for me! It fit in the only wall space I had left with around 50 books crammed into each shelf, it let me clear 1 and a half floor piles, and three piles from my coffee table! There was a pile from the floor on the left to about the height of the top shelf, and you can see a handful of books which remain from the second pile that was a little taller. What you can’t see is two other piles just left of those.

My children gave me a much longed for body pillow, and some cookies that spell ‘Mum’.



What I’ve Read Since I last Posted…

The Satapur Moonstone by Sujata Massey

Adult Conversation by Brandy Ferner

Fool Me Once by Karly Lane



New Posts…

Review: Confessions of a Forty-Something by Alexandra Potter

Review: The Satapur Moonstone by Sujata Massey

Review: Adult Conversation by Brandy Ferner




What I’m Reading This Week…


Ginny Beale is eighteen, irreverent, funny, and brave, with a brother she adores and a circle of friends for whom she would do anything. Because of one terrible night, she loses them all—and her adventurous spirit—seemingly forever. While the town cheers on the high school football team, someone sets the school’s auditorium ablaze. Ginny’s best friend Gray Marsden’s father, a fire fighter, dies in the blaze.

While many in the town believe Daniel York, a notoriously troubled local teen, set the fire, Ginny makes a shattering discovery that casts blame on the person she trusts most in the world. Ginny tells no one, but the secret isolates her, looming between her and her friends and ruining their friendship.

Over the next two decades, Ginny puts aside her wanderlust and her dreams. Moving back to her hometown, she distances herself from the past and from nearly everyone in it. She marries a quiet man, raises their daughter, Avery, and cares for her tyrannical, ailing mother, Adela. But when Ginny’s husband, Harris, becomes embroiled in a scandal, Ginny’s carefully controlled life crumbles, and, just when she believes she is regaining her bearings, the secret she’s kept for twenty years emerges and threatens to destroy her hopes for the future.

With the help of fifteen-year-old Avery and of friends both old and new, Ginny must summon the courage to confront old lies and hard truths and to free herself and the people she loves from the mistakes and regrets that have burdened them for so long.



As you climbed the rickety stairs of an old woolshed at Sydney harbor in 1944, you could hear rows of men and women in uniforms and headsets tapping away vigorously at small machines, under the careful watch of their young female trainers. Presiding over the cacophony was a tiny woman, known to everyone as “Mrs Mac,” one of Australia’s wartime legends. A smart girl from a poor mining town, Violet McKenzie became an electrical engineer, a pioneer of radio, and a businesswoman. As the clouds of war gathered in the 1930s, she trained young women in Morse code, foreseeing that their services would soon be needed. She was instrumental in getting Australian women into the armed forces. Mrs Mac was adored by the thousands of young women and men she trained, and she came to be respected by the defense forces and the public too for her vision and contribution to the war effort. David Dufty brings her story to life in this heartwarming and captivating biography.



If you looked the other way, should you be punished?

Twenty years after they went their separate ways, friends and enemies are coming together for their school reunion. Katy, who is desperate to show that she’s no longer the shy wallflower. Annabel, who ruled the school until a spectacular fall from grace. Zach, popular and cruel, but who says he’s a changed man. And Robbie, always the victim, who never stood a chance.

As the reunion nears, a terrible event that binds the group together will resurface. Because someone is still holding a grudge, and will stop at nothing to reveal their darkest secrets…


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29 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #SundayPost #SundaySalon

  1. Nice you were able to have a visit with your folks. The shelves cleared up some space! Most are off the floor! Enjoy your reads this week.

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  2. I love that you’re having afternoon tea and that you’re taking it day to day. Really random. I considered doing a zoom improv meeting in australia, I bet those guys drink a lot of tea as well.

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  3. I’d Give Anything is on my wish list so will look out for your review. I think we might be going to relax restrictions a bit. Just about to be announced in 7 min so I am about to watch the TV! Your Mother’s Day sounds great. Ha! Who ate the cookies. Love the bookcase.

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  4. How wonderful that you were able to spend some time with family.

    I will also be looking out for your thoughts on I’d Give Anything. I have loved some of her earlier books.

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  5. Belated Mothers Day greetings to you. Mine was a bit nostalgic and sad because all three of them live overseas but that cant be helped now!
    Reading some of the classics downloaded from Amazon all free which helps! Meant to read them for a long while, finally getting to them.

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  6. How wonderful that you were able to get together with your family. We are hoping to get together as soon as this cough of mine is gone. And a pillow sounds like a lovely gift…so comfortable.

    Your books look great this week. I hope you enjoy them all.

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  7. I’m glad you had a great visit; even with social distancing, it is a gift. The bookshelf looks great, too. I hope to fill up my existing bookshelf (my previous books and shelves were left behind). I wish I could add another one…but have no place to put it. LOL. E-books from now on, I guess.

    Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

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  8. It was nice that you were able to spend time with family. We are still under Stay At Home orders here in Minnesota. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  9. I am glad you were able to have a nice visit with your parents. Mine lives too far away for a casual visit, but the daughter of one of my mom’s best friends put together a really nice brunch for hers and my mom. It was really sweet. My mom made a point to tell me they maintained social distancing standards because she knows I worry.

    That was so thoughtful of them to give you a bookshelf for Mother’s Day! What an awesome and probably the perfect gift. 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying your current reads! Have a great week, Shelleyrae! Stay safe and well.

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  10. Wishing you a belated happy Mother´s Day. I couldn´t visit my mom, but we talked on the phone and now that the restrictions are a bit lifted I will visit them soon. So I am glad that you had a wonderul time with your parents. And that bookshelf reminds me of my shelf with all the unread books *smile* Happy reading and stay safe and well.

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