Review: Adult Conversation by Brandy Ferner

Title: Adult Conversation

Author: Brandy Ferner

Published: May 5th 2020, She Writes Press

Status: Read May 2020, courtesy SheWrites Press/Netgalley


My Thoughts:

Adult Conversation is an engaging and funny novel about a woman’s struggle with contemporary middle-class motherhood.

“Modern motherhood looked so much like anxiety, which was which?”

April doesn’t understand why she is finding full-time motherhood so difficult. She adores her children, eight year-old Elliot, and two year-old Violet, but is increasingly overwhelmed by her family’s endless demands on her time, energy and sanity. Desperate for advice she reaches out to a therapist who helps her to find some perspective

Ferner’s observations of motherhood are wry and honest. I well remember feeling exhausted, frustrated, and ‘touched’ out after a long day of caring for young children so I immediately empathised with April. Her concerns are so close to what my own were in the early years, and though the anxiety of wondering if you are doing it ‘right’ never goes away, thankfully time offers perspective.

April’s shift in perspective comes not only from the wise advice of her therapist to take time for herself without guilt, but an unlikely adventure in her company to Vegas. It’s perhaps a little absurd, with a rather shocking twist, but the trip is illuminating for April.

Told with wit and warmth I enjoyed Adult Conversations, I believe most mothers will relate with at least some aspect of April’s experience, and her desire to meet the needs of her family without sacrificing herself.


Available from She Writes Press

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