Review: Little Wonders by Kate Rorick

Title: Little Wonders

Author: Kate Rorick

Published: March 17th 2020, William Morrow

Status: Read March 2020 courtesy William Morrow/Edelweiss


My Thoughts:

“In dark moments, when Quinn Barrett looked back and analyzed what caused the destruction of her entire life, she should have known that it would happen at the Little Wonders Preschool Happy Halloween Costume Parade (and Dance Party).”

After a long, trying day, Little Wonders Preschool Parent Association President, Quinn Barrett loses her temper when her three year old refuses to wear the Halloween costume she’d spent hours making. When her tantrum is caught on camera by another parent and inadvertently goes viral, Quinn’s perfect life begins to spiral out of control.

Little Wonders is an entertaining novel exploring the pressure on mothers to present a facade of perfection.

Honestly Quinn is the type of woman many of us both envy and resent, she seems to have it all and manage it without any visible effort. Her fall from grace is somewhat satisfying as the viral meltdown exposes her tenuous control over the various areas of her life, including her career and her marriage. But forced to consider what it is she really wants, Quinn earns her redemption, and in the end I found her to be a very sympathetic character.

New to Little Wonders and Boston, Daisy is struggling to fit in. Her electric blue hair, tattooed arms and love of Star Wars marks her as obviously different amongst the traditional moneyed class of Boston society. She’s unwittingly the reason for Quinn’s viral infamy as the ‘Halloween Mom’, and has her own lessons to learn about how far she will go to fit in. I identified more with Daisy than Quinn, or Shanna (Quinn’s sort-of nemesis), and I’d love to play a game of D&D with her.

In this Instagram age, where appearance is often more prized than truth, Little Wonders is relevant and often relatable, even if predictable. I loved the snarky preschool newsletters, (having written a few of those in my lifetime, the truth is definitely in what you leave out), and I enjoyed the geeky fandom/rpg references too.

Witty and winsome I enjoyed Little Wonders finding it an easy, engaging read.


Available from William Morrow: HarperCollins

Or from your preferred retailer via Booko I Book Depository I Indiebound

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mystica
    Mar 18, 2020 @ 17:53:54

    The evils of social media and the presentation of a perfect façade. All too easy to go awry.

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  2. Kyles
    Mar 18, 2020 @ 19:57:32

    Oh I so have to read this!!!!

    Liked by 1 person


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