Review: This Won’t End Well by Camille Pagan


Title: This Won’t End Well

Author: Camille Pagán

Published: February 26th 2020, Lake Union Publishing

Status: Read February 2020 courtesy Lake Union/Netgalley


My Thoughts:

This Won’t End Well by Camille Pagan is a charming tale of love, friendship, endings, and new beginnings.

“Why would I open myself up to new problems? By problems, of course, I mean people.”

Things aren’t going well for twenty-seven year old, research chemist, Annie Mercer. A little more than a week after she is forced to resign from her workplace after being betrayed by her lecherous boss, her fiancé, Jon, calls her from the airport to announce he needs some ‘me’ time and is on his way to spend a month incommunicado in France. With her best friend, Leesa, too busy with her new career as a LiteWeight™ Brand Evangelist, and her mother, with whom Annie lives, too emotionally fragile, to lean on, Annie decides to avoid further complications in her life by keeping people out of it.

“I wanted to tell him that I already knew it would end badly—there’s really no other kind of ending, if you think about it.”

Told in an epistolary format through a series journal entries, texts, and emails, This Won’t End Well is a well written and pacy read.

Annie is a delightful character, she has her quirks (her thinking and behaviour suggests she is on the autism spectrum) but she’s honest, loyal and sweet. Quite sensible and serious, Annie is bewildered by the rapid changes in her life but faces them with a quiet dignity. I really enjoyed her character development, which I thought was both realistic and relatable.

Annie’s resolve to avoid new relationships makes perfect sense to her, but is soon tested when Harper, a glamorous but seemingly vulnerable young woman moves in across the street, and Mo, a charming P.I., asks for her help. Her burgeoning friendships with these two very different characters, and some well timed advice from her dear friend Violet, and her mother, prompts Annie to re-envision her plans for her future.

It’s not all fun and froth though, Pagan briefly raises the issues of workplace sexual harassment, racism, grief, and PTSD. These subjects are effortlessly worked into the story however and don’t pull focus away from Annie’s personal journey.

“If you’re willing to look for joy and open yourself to new possibilities, the end is not an ending at all. It’s a beginning.”

Witty, warm, and winsome I enjoyed This Won’t End Well, and I would like to read more of the author’s backlist.


Available from Lake Union Publishing / Amazon

Or from your preferred retailer via Booko I Book Depository I Indiebound

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol
    Mar 01, 2020 @ 04:51:49

    I started this last night and I’m enjoying it! 😍👍

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Vicki
    Mar 01, 2020 @ 07:57:47

    This sounds good! I read I’m Fine and Neither Are You by this author and loved it so her other books are on my list to read. I want to read this for the Epistolary challenge.

    Liked by 1 person


  3. sydneyeditor1
    Mar 01, 2020 @ 21:16:48

    This sounds so good — and just the right kind of feel good read i can enjoy (even with the stronger themes)

    Liked by 1 person


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  5. stacybuckeye
    Mar 02, 2020 @ 10:43:34

    This looks good!



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