Review: The Guardian of Lies by Kate Furnivall


Title: The Guardian of Lies

Author: Kate Furnivall

Published: July 1st 2019, Simon & Schuster

Status: Read July 2019 courtesy Simon & Schuster AU


My Thoughts:


The Guardian of Lies is an enthralling story of courage, subterfuge, love and betrayal from Kate Furnivall.

“Trust. The word spiked in my mind and wouldn’t go away. The more it sounded in my head, the louder rang the lies.”

In 1953, as the the Cold War intensifies, the loyalties of the French people are split between America, who liberated the country from Nazi occupation, and the communist ideals of the Soviet Union. Eloïse Caussade supports the alliance with the United States, and is disheartened when her application is rejected by both the French Intelligence and the American CIA, but fortuitously finds work with a private investigation agency in Paris. On occasion Eloïse’s skills prove useful to André, the older brother she idolises, who serves as a CIA Intelligence Officer, but a mission gone awry leaves them both with lasting scars.

Eloïse vows to find the men who betrayed her brother, and follows him home to their family farm, Mas Caussade, In the south east of France. There she finds the schism that plagues the country is tearing apart not only her hometown, but also her family. To protect her brother, Eloïse decide who she can trust, and guard against the lies that shroud the truth.

“I think of that moment as a dividing wall. There is what came before. And there is what came after. With that moment standing between them, a wall with death dancing upon it.”

I was surprised at how quickly I became absorbed in this compelling, fast paced, historical tale of intrigue and romance.

Furnivall has skilfully created a complex plot of mystery and espionage in The Guardian of Lies, which kept me guessing. The political unrest in mid century France provides a dramatic background to the story. The tension between rival parties causes a general climate of anger and mistrust, a situation both the American and Soviets are willing to exploit in their quest for Cold War dominance. Like Eloïse, I often wasn’t quite sure who to trust, and there was at least one betrayal I didn’t see coming at all.

“We have to guard against their lies or we lose our grasp of the truth,’ he told her. ‘They buy control with their lies, these people who live in the shadows with their secrets and their threats and their guns.”

Eloïse is a terrific protagonist- intelligent, tenacious and brave. I admired her dogged search for the truth despite the very real threat to her life, and her ability to adapt to the situations she found herself in. I understood her loyalty to her family, even if was somewhat misplaced – neither her father, André, or her younger brother, Issac, show much concern for her. I liked the relationship that Furnivall developed between Eloïse and Serriac Police Captain, Léon Roussell. His strongly held notions of duty and honour are appealing, especially in contrast to the shadowy world of secrets her family inhabits.

A well crafted novel offering engaging characters and a thrilling plot, I really enjoyed The Guardian of Lies.


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  1. Mystica
    Jul 21, 2019 @ 21:02:20

    Historical fiction coupled with intrigue in that setting is fascinating for me. Thanks for the review.

    Liked by 1 person


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