Review: The Redeemers by Ace Atkins


Title: The Redeemers {Quinn Colson #5}

Author: Ace Atkins

Published: GP Putnam July 2015

Status: Read from July 24th – 27th, 2015   – I own a copy {Courtesy the publisher/netgalley}

My Thoughts:

In The Redeemers, Colson has lost the re-election for Sherrif of Tebbehah Country, thanks to Stagg’s machinations, but he is not quite ready to walk away, determined to witness the FBI finally take Johnny Stagg down. Meanwhile the new Sheriff, Rusty Wise, is thrown into the deep end when a local businessman’s home is robbed and a deputy shot during the commission of the crime.

The theft has surprising implications for County Tebbehah because the stolen safe contains records of business transactions between Larry Cobb and various officials that could expose the breadth and depth of the corruption that plagues the county. Stagg’s colleagues aren’t at all happy with the associated risks of the ledger coming to light and are determined to quash any threat, including both the new, and the old, Sheriff leading to a bloody confrontation.

The seriousness of the threat against Colson is countered by the ineptitude and general buffoonery of the thieves. Mickey and Kyle are local boys seeking revenge who hire self proclaimed safe cracker PeeWee Sparks and his crazy ‘Bama fan nephew. The foursome offers plenty of over the top dark humour as their plan goes badly awry.

Meanwhile Quinn’s personal life is as messy as ever, Caddy is using again, and he must track her down and get her into rehab. Quinn has broken up with Ophelia, putting Anna-Lee in the frame once more (ugh), and Colson’s father is hanging around, trying to convince his now unemployed son to become a farmer.

As I’ve come to expect, there is plenty of tension and action to keep things interesting. The writing and pace flows well, and for fans there are some long term storylines are put to rest.

This book feels as if it could be the last to feature Quinn Colson though I can’t find anything to either confirm or refute my suspicions. There are threads remaining that could easily be picked up to continue the series but should Atkins decide to finish it here, though I’d like to see it to keep going, I’d be satisfied.


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