Review: We Should Hang Out Some Time by Josh Sundquist


Title: We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrasingly a True Story

Author: Josh Sundquist

Published: Little Brown Books December 2014

Status: Read from December 18 to 19, 2014 — I own a copy   {Courtesy the publisher/Netgalley}

My Thoughts:

I was looking for something light and charming to read when I requested We Should Hang Out Some Time by Josh Sundquist, and that was exactly what I got.

I was only vaguely familiar with Sundquist’s name. A former paralympian skier, having lost his leg to cancer as a child, he founded the world’s largest online community for amputees (, is a popular YouTuber and is a sought after motivational speaker. This is his second published book, the first Just Don’t Fall: How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made It Down the Mountain a memoir of his childhood, illness and sporting career.

We Should Hang Out Some Time focuses on the romantic misadventures of Josh’s youth as he tries to find out why, at the ripe old age of 25, he has ever only had one girlfriend, when in the eighth grade, for just twenty three hours. For each of his named romantic failures he provides background to their relationship, offers a hypothesis about what went wrong, and then tracks down the hapless woman to get her side of the story.

The whole idea of this book could be viewed as a little creepy, but really it’s very sweet. Josh was a geek, smart but socially backward having been home schooled by strict, religious parents until his freshman year. He had no clue about girls, romance or relationships but desperately wanted to understand. It’s not all about the girls either, Josh shares some of it what it was like growing up as an amputee and the practical challenges it presented in social situations.

Cute, upbeat and funny, I imagine We Should Hang Out Some Time could be comforting to an awkward adolescent boy who finds the whole boy/girl thing a bit of a mystery, and the good news for them is, Josh finally found his girl, to whom he recently proposed (and she said yes!).

*Please note: I choose not to rate memoirs/autobiographies


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