Review: A Modern Marriage by Christy and Mark Kidd

Title: A Modern Marriage: A memoir

Author: Christy and Mark Kidd

Published: Gallery Books November 2014

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Status: Read from November 21 to 22, 2014 — I own a copy  {Courtesy the publisher/Netgalley}

My Thoughts:

Recently a friend, after a few drinks, confessed she and her husband were experimenting with ‘swinging’. I have to admit I was pretty shocked but as she shared some of what she and her husband had learned about the lifestyle, I was intrigued, not only with the logistics of it, but why and how they made the decision. I didn’t want to ask too many questions though – lest they mistake my intellectual curiosity as an angling for an invitation to join them – so when I discovered A Modern Marriage I felt compelled to pick it up.

Written by Christy and Mark Kidd, A Modern Marriage is a memoir of their experiences as a couple who have embraced the swinging lifestyle. They stumbled upon the scene at a New Years Party in New York and were both titillated and curious about what they witnessed. After a lot of discussion, some googling, and the laying down of ground rules, they decided to take the plunge. Christy and Mark experienced several false starts with seedy clubs and unreliable partnerships before finally getting in the swing of things.

I think Christy and Mark are quite honest in their telling. They share a little of their backgrounds, both Texas born and raised by mother’s who had multiple partners during their childhood (Christy’s mother was married 5 times, Mark’s mother 4 times). They met, through their work as accountants, when they were both seriously involved with other partners but couldn’t resist one another, and by the time they decided to explore swinging had been married for five years. Though Christy and Mark are clearly advocates for the lifestyle they don’t entirely gloss over its possible pitfalls, exploring issues such as jealousy, attachment and even the dangers of addiction. They place great emphasis on the need for a strong marriage, honest communication and sensible rules, to partake in the lifestyle without damaging the relationship.

A Modern Marriage is sometimes explicit but not really in a pornographic way. The tone is conversational, and encounters are related largely in a matter of fact manner with the focus more on what the couple was thinking rather than feeling.

I know the lifestyle is not right for me, for so many reasons, but A Modern Marriage satisfied my curiosity about why some couples make the choice. I’m not convinced it will work out for my friend but it seems it is possible, Mark and Christy have now been married for 14 years and are still swinging.
*Please note I choose not to rate memoirs

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  1. J & C
    Nov 25, 2014 @ 14:19:54

    We [link removed] read and liked the book too. This in particular is true: “I think Christy and Mark are quite honest in their telling.”

    Finding honest people is rare.



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