It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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I have had a particularly hectic past week leading up to and including the weekend. I spent ten hours (two consecutive three hour shows) behind the scenes of my daughter’s annual gymnastic concerts on Saturday wrangling 200+ kids aged between 3 and 22, ensuring that everybody made it on stage when they were supposed to, and then all day Sunday at my children’s school’s annual Fete. I am quite frankly exhausted!

Next week the usually daily chaos multiples as it is school holidays so my kids will be home 24/7

What I Read Last Week


 Already Dead by Jaye Ford

Can You Keep a Secret? by Caroline Overington

The French Prize by Cathryn Hein

Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts


New Posts

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Review: The Moment of Everything by Shelly King ★★★★1/2

Review: Already Dead by Jaye Ford ★★★★1/2

Review: The French Prize by Cathryn Hein ★★★

Review: Can You Keep a Secret? by Caroline Overington

Review: The Underground Girls of Kabul by Jenny Nordberg ★★★★1/2

Stuff On Sundays: What My Kids are Reading…

What I Am Reading Today


No one steps up to life’s banquet, holds out her tray, and orders, “Grief, please!” But as a child, Candy Pekkala was served a heaping helping of it. Every buffet line has a dessert section, however, and when a cousin calls with a Hollywood apartment to sublet, it seems as though Candy is finally offered something sweet. It’s good-bye to Minnesota and hello to California, where a girl who has always lived by her wits has a real chance of making a living with them. With that, the irrepressible Lorna Landvik launches her latest irresistible character onto the world stage—or at least onto the dimly lit small stage where stand-up comedy gets its start. Herself a comic performer, Landvik taps her own adventurous past and Minnesota roots to conjure Candy’s life in this strange new Technicolor home. Her fellow tenants at Peyton Hall include a female bodybuilder, a ruined nightclub impresario, and a well-connected old Romanian fortune-teller. There are game show appearances and temp jobs at a record company and an establishment suspiciously like the Playboy Mansion, and of course the alluring but not always welcoming stage of stand-up comedy. As she hones her act, Candy is tested by humiliation, hecklers, and the inherent sexism that insists “chicks aren’t funny.” Written with the light touch and quiet wisdom that have made her works so popular, this is classic Lorna Landvik—sometimes so funny, you’ll cry; sometimes so sad, you might as well laugh; and always impossible to put down.

What I Plan To Read This Week

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Life’s going down the gurgler for romance writer Lisa Trumperton. The deadline for her next novel is looming, her daughter won’t eat but has a new tattoo each week, and now her Wall Street trader husband has run off with a woman at work. Lisa makes a quick escape, home to Australia, where at least her girl-magnet son seems to be making hay. Determined to grow older disgracefully, she turns her back on a trim and tidy townhouse that is close to shops, aged-care providers and her bossy older sister, instead buying a grand old house in the country that once belonged to her great-grandfather. But like its new owner, Trumperton Manor has seen better days. Crumbling, filthy and possibly haunted, the old house defies Lisa’s attempts to restore it. Add flood, fire and family secrets, plus a stray cat with attitude and an overly familiar handyman, and the cracks begin to show. . . Richly observed and laugh-out-loud funny, Tumbledown Manor is for anyone who believes it’s never too late for a makeover.

When all that you know comes crashing down, do you run? Or face the truth? Ruby Cardel has the semblance of a normal life – a loving boyfriend, a fulfilling career – but in one terrible moment, her life unravels. The discovery that the death of her sister, Jamie, was not an accident makes her question all she’s known about herself and her past. Travelling back home to Lyrebird Hill, Ruby begins to remember the year that has been forever blocked in her memory . . . Snatches of her childhood with beautiful Jamie, and Ruby’s only friendship with the boy from the next property, a troubled foster kid. Then Ruby uncovers a cache of ancient letters from a long-lost relative, Brenna Magavin, written from her cell in a Tasmanian gaol where she is imprisoned for murder. As she reads, Ruby discovers that her family line is littered with tragedy and violence. Slowly, the gaps in Ruby’s memory come to her. And as she pieces together the shards of truth, what she finally discovers will shock her to the core – about what happened to Jamie that fateful day, and how she died. A thrilling tale about family secrets and trusting yourself…


Kick Lannigan, 21, is a survivor. Abducted at age six in broad daylight, the police, the public, perhaps even her family assumed the worst had occurred. And then Kathleen Lannigan was found, alive, six years later. In the early months following her freedom, as Kick struggled with PTSD, her parents put her through a litany of therapies, but nothing helped until the detective who rescued her suggested Kick learn to fight. Before she was thirteen, Kick learned marksmanship, martial arts, boxing, archery, and knife throwing. She excelled at every one, vowing she would never be victimized again. But when two children in the Portland area go missing in the same month, Kick goes into a tailspin. Then an enigmatic man Bishop approaches her with a proposition: he is convinced Kick’s experiences and expertise can be used to help rescue the abductees. Little does Kick know the case will lead directly into her terrifying past…

Rachael is a child prodigy, a talented artist whose maturity and eloquence is far beyond her fourteen years. She’s also energetic, charming and beautiful, beguiling everyone around her. To her mother, Camille, she is perfect. But perfection requires work, as Camille knows all too well. For Rachael has another extraordinary gift: a murky one that rears its head from time to time, threatening to unbalance all the family has been working towards. When Rachael accuses her art teacher of sexual misconduct, Wolfe and Camille are drawn into a complex web of secrets and lies that pit husband against wife, and have the power to destroy all their lives. Set in contrasting worlds of Australia and Paris, told from the perspective of husband and wife, Rachael’s Gift is a detective story of the heart, about a mother’s uncompromising love for her daughter and a father’s quest for the truth


Most people believe the best way to forget someone is to throw them down a well. Or lock them in a room with eight keys, or bury them at a crossroad in the thirteenth hour. But they’re wrong. The best way to forget someone is for them never to have existed in the first place. When sixteen-year-old Tuesday wakes from sleep for the first time, she opens her eyes to a world filled with wonder – and peril. Left only with a letter from the person she once was, Tuesday sets out to discover her past with the help of her charming and self-serving guide, Quintalion. Along the way she runs into mercenaries, flying cities, airships, and a blind librarian. But what is her connection with the mysterious Book of Days – a book that holds untold power..


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21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Teddyree
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 19:31:59

    Sounds pretty crazy … you’ll need a holiday from holidays. I really hope you love Lyrebird Hill. Off to check out a couple of your reviews.
    Have a good week and happy reading 🙂



  2. readerbuzz
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 20:43:55

    Do people realize how much volunteers do for schools? I don’t think they do.

    Here’s my It’s Monday!



  3. lakesidemusing
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 21:45:11

    One Kick is everywhere lately – will be curious to see what you think.



  4. Debbish
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 22:08:35

    I really enjoyed Lyrebird Hill and One Kick! Looking forward to seeing what you think.


    Liked by 1 person


  5. Guy R Vestal
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 23:21:57

    My 4 older Daughters were in gymnastics and dance 4 days a week, but my younger ones are not, Here is my Monday because we moved to a really rural area, and they bug me about it everytime their sisters talk about the old days. LOL



  6. laurelrainsnow
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 00:17:01

    Wow! You have several books on your list that I am adding…I love the sound of Tumbledown Manor, the Lorna Landvik, and The Book of Days. And I thoroughly enjoyed One Kick, and looking forward to this new series.

    Kid wrangling is something I recall from back in the day…glad those days are over, but there was a bit of fun in all that, too. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person


  7. Greg
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 01:07:10

    Wow, you’re busy! Glad you survived the weekend. Good luck this week. 🙂 Lyrebird Hill sounds nice, and I liked your review of The Moment of Everything. Definitely want to read that one.

    Liked by 1 person


  8. My Home of Books (@duffygal777)
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 01:59:33

    I read and enjoyed One Kick. I already added the Anna Romer books to my wishlist and Tumbledown Manor looks good to me. Thanks for sharing these and hope this upcoming week is more relaxing for you!



  9. Kim@mybooknook
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 08:38:14

    Rachel’s gift sounds intriguing, curious to see what you think of it!

    Here’s My Monday!



  10. Jen G. (The Introverted Reader)
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 11:10:18

    I’m exhausted just reading this! I hope you get more “me time” this week!



  11. Patty
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 12:43:20

    I love tons of those books you just posted! I don’t know how you do everything that you do! Wonder Woman!!!



  12. thebookdate
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 15:17:15

    I noticed you gave a good number of stars to Zac and Mia, I must pick it up off my bookshelf soon and read it. I have seen the Helen Brown book in our bookstores, in the past I have read some of her magazine articles. Enjoy the school hols! Can’t wait for ours, coming a week later than yours!



  13. Sheila (Book Journey)
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 22:09:18

    I need to get to Lorna’s new book… thanks for the reminder 🙂



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