Review: Temptation by K.M. Golland


Title: Temptation {Temptation #1}

Author: K.M. Golland

Published: MIRA: Harlequin Au April 2014

Status: Read from April 28 to 29, 2014 — I own a copy   {Courtesy the publisher}

My Thoughts:

Australian writer K.M. Golland captured the imagination of erotic romance readers when she self-published Temptation, her first novel in a series to feature the sizzling relationship between Alexis Summers and sexy hotel billionaire, Bryce Clark. The buzz eventually caught the attention of Harlequin Australia, who are releasing the series under their MIRA imprint during 2014.

In Temptation, thirty-five-year-old happily married wife and mother of two, Alexis Summers, decides it’s time to return to the workforce but when, on her very first day as a Concierge Assistant at one of Melbourne’s most exclusive hotel complex, City Towers, Alexis spills her coffee all over billionaire owner Bryce Clark, she panics her career is over before it has begun. Surprisingly, instead of firing her, Bryce offers Alexis a Versace dress to replace her Target blouse, and a promotion to the role of his personal assistant. Alexis is stunned by her good fortune, the job is a dream come true but so is her charming, sexy and gorgeous boss, and when Bryce makes it clear he wants her to fulfill his more intimate needs, Alexis struggles with temptation.

Temptation is about sexual fantasy, which rarely conforms to real world standards, but I do wish Golland hadn’t chosen to place Alexis in a situation where to be with Bryce means she is cheating on her husband. Infidelity makes me uncomfortable, no matter the justification, and especially when children are involved, so I couldn’t really lose myself in the fantasy. That said, there are scenes that stir the umm… imagination, Alexis is a likeable character and Bryce is portrayed as a man who would tempt most women.

There is, as to be expected, plenty of sexual tension in Temptation but surprisingly little action. Golland teases the reader with loaded glances, thrilling touches and Alexis’s vivid daydreams, so the actual consummation of Alexis’s and Bryce’s attraction comes after a long period of heightened anticipation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the humour in Temptation, Alexis’s thoughts tend to be unfiltered by social graces. There are also some playful interactions between Alexis and Bryce, as well as funny conversations shared between Alexis and her girlfriends. Golland also makes an attempt to introduce suspense, having to do with Bryce’s cousin Gareth, but it doesn’t really go anywhere within the framework of this novel.

The writing could do with some more polish, as could some of the dialogue, both are, at times, clumsy and unsophisticated but in general its okay. Alexis’s crude language doesn’t bother me, though it may offend readers sensitivity to profanity.

Though Temptation has its weaknesses, the blistering chemistry between Alexis and Bryce is appealing and the overall, the story is entertaining. This is a novel, and a series, sure to tempt fans of erotic romance.

Get to know Alexis Summers with Golland’s character profile posted earlier today on Book’d Out

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  1. herschelian
    May 01, 2014 @ 20:37:28

    For some reason, maybe it is my age, as soon as I see the words ‘erotic romance’ about a book, I feel exhausted and think ‘oh no, the real thing was enough, I can’t be bothered to read about it’. 😉



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