Review: Mountain Ash by Margareta Osborn

Title: Mountain Ash

Author: Margareta Osborn

Published: Random House March 2014

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Status: Read from March 06 to 08, 2014 — I own a copy {Courtesy the publisher/netgalley}

My Thoughts:

Mountain Ash is Margareta’s Osborn’s third appealing contemporary rural romance novel set in the Victorian Highlands, loosely linked to Bella’s Run and Hope’s Road.

Single mother Jodie Ashton craves security for herself and her precious daughter, Milly, too much to dismiss the attentions of the much older, wealthy landowner Alex McGregor. Despite his old-fashioned views, Jodie believes Alex is a good man but when he proposes a romantic relationship she needs some time to think it through. A weekend away with girl friends at the Riverton Rodeo offers her the time and distance she needs to make a decision and it’s there that she meets the friendly and handsome Nate with sky blue eyes, a stockman passing through town. Though she initially rebuffs his advances, passion flares and they spend a single night together before Jodie flees, chastising herself for having let her heart overrule her head. Determined to put the lapse behind her, she returns home but is no closer to making a decision about what she wants until her hand is forced by an unexpected discovery and Jodie believes that accepting Alex’s marriage proposal is the only sensible option. And then, on the eve of their hastily arranged wedding, Alex opens the door to his estranged son, Nathaniel, a man with sky blue eyes…

Vivid and realistic characterisation is again the highlight of Osborn’s writing. I always find myself intrigued by the mix of the protagonists flaws and strengths, no one is either all good or all bad and this is especially true in Mountain Ash.
To be honest I didn’t always like Jodie much. I could understand why she would have been tempted by all that Alex offers, including stability, security and legitimacy, and could even sympathise somewhat, some of her actions in this story are not very honourable.
Osborn skillfully reveals the two sides of Alex, who is both a gentleman and a tyrant. While his affection for Jodie is genuine, it becomes obvious he would not consider her a partner in their relationship and his past shows him as an uncompromising man.
Nate has a love ’em and leave ’em history but we warm to him as he proves his loyalty to Wal and then later, when Jodie steals his heart. He is the most likeable character and perhaps the least to blame for all that follows.

There are some surprising twists and turns in the story, though mostly reserved for last third or so of the book when shattering family secrets are revealed, along with Jodie’s deception. The final scenes are action packed and tense as tragedy strikes, not everyone gets a happy ending but Mountain Ash is essentially a romance so Jodie and Nate do find theirs.

Though perhaps not my favourite story from Margareta Osborn I did enjoy Mountain Ash. It is well written with complex characters and provides an interesting story of betrayal, family and love.

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