Hang out with Escape’s ARRA Nominees


I was honoured to have been invited to join Escape Publishing in a chat with Australian Romance Readers Association award nominees, and bloggers last week.

Kate Cuthbert (moderator) – Managing Editor, Escape Publishing

Sandra Antonelli – author of A Basic Renovation and For Your Eyes Only. Sandra also holds a PhD, and wrote her thesis on age in heroines in romance novels. Sandra is nominated for Best Contemporary Romance for A Basic Renovation and Favourite New Australian Romance Author.

Alissa Callen – author of What Love Sounds Like. Alissa is also published with Random Romance, and focuses on sweet, rural romance. Alissa is nominated for Favourite Short Category Romance for What Love Sounds Like and Favourite Contemporary Romance and Sexiest Hero for Beneath Outback Skies (Random Romance), as well as Favourite New Australian Romance Author.

Juliet Madison – author of five novels with Escape, including the genre-bending Fast Forward and inventor of the Escape exclusive sub-category ro-magic comedies. Juliet has recently expanded into contemporary women’s fiction and coastal romance with her Tarrin’s Bay series. Juliet is nominated for Favourite New Australian Romance.

Kendall Talbot – author of Lost in Kakadu, an adventure/survivor style romance that features a bi-sexual hero, and an older heroine. Kendall is nominated for Favourite Romantic Suspense, Best Cover, and Favourite New Australian Romance Author.

Kaetrin Allen – Kaetrin has only been (re)reading romance for the last few years, but she’s made up for lost time, becoming one of Australia’s top romance bloggers. She blogs regularly on her own blog, Kaetrin’s Musings, as well as with the Australian Romance Readers Association, AudioGals, and Dear Author.

Shelleyrae Cusbert – ShelleyRae has a serious reading habit, one that she indulges in her blog Book’d Out and through a number of reading challenges each year, including the popular Australian Women Writer’s Challenge. She reads widely, across genres, and has a particular focus on Australian literature.

Meredith Jaffe – Meredith is a freelance writer, a published book reviewer, and a blogger who writes and blogs regularly for The Hoopla.

Kat Mayo – Kat is Australia’s foremost romance blogger on her blog Book Thingo. She also reviews romance for Bookseller & Publisher magazine and writes Booktopia’s monthly Romance Buzz.


I want to know what you think! Your comments are appreciated.

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