Review: Bombproof by Michael Robotham


Title: Bombproof

Author: Michael Robotham

Published: Mulholland Books October 2013

Status: Read from October 17 to 18, 2013 — I own a copy {Courtesy the publisher/Netgalley}

My Thoughts:

Bombproof is a stand alone novel by Australian author Michael Robotham, best known for his crime thriller series featuring London psychiatrist, Joseph O’Loughlin. First published in 2008, Mulholland Books has chosen to release this novel in the US in e-format.

Fast paced and action packed this thriller is a quick, entertaining read. The plot is fairly simple as the unlikely hero, Sami Macbeth, is caught between a rock and a hard place. Blackmailed by a drug lord, Tony Murphy, hunted by society criminal kingpin, Garza, with the entire metropolitan police force chasing him across London, Sami has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Though frequently violent and often crude, Bombproof is also unexpectedly funny at times, as Sami’s life spins out of control.

Sami is such a likeable character, all he wants is to find his younger sister, Nadia and start over, but he is dogged by a talent to ‘turn a desperate situation into a hopeless one’. He reaches out to retired detective, Vincent Ruiz who has some sympathy for the kid, and no love for Garza, helping eventually to untangle the mess Sami is embroiled in.

Bombproof is a quick, entertaining read with a visual storyline that would make a great action flick. Though it’s quite different from Robotham’s usual crime thriller fiction it is a fun departure for this bestselling author.

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