Review: The Inevitability of Stars by Kathryn R Lyster

Title: The Inevitability of Stars

Author: Kathryn R Lyster

Read an Excerpt

Published: Harlequin MIRA August 2013

Status: Read from August 01 to 04, 2013 — I own a copy {Courtesy the publisher}

My Thoughts:

Kathryn R Lyster’s debut novel, The Inevitability of Stars, tells the poignant love story of Sahara and Rip. Inseparable as childhood friends, they later become lovers, but when Sahara ends their relationship to pursue her love of art, fleeing Byron Bay for Sydney, Rip is devastated, unable to imagine his life without Sahara by his side.

The Inevitability of Stars is a unique re-imagining of Romeo and Juliet’s star crossed love story. Exploring the notions of fate, of love and the conflict of want and need, the novel has a strong element of mysticism which doesn’t compromise the contemporary issues the protagonists face.

The narrative alternates between the perspectives of Rip, who lies in a hospital bed after a suicide attempt, and Sahara who is ensconced in art school in the city. Slowly Lyster unravels the difficult path they each take away from one another as Rip struggles to come to terms with Sahara’s absence and heal his wounded soul, and Sahara, believing Rip is dead, buries herself in the drug fueled, materialistic world of a new lover and begins to fall apart.

The writing is richly descriptive of senses and emotions. I have to admit I found the use of italics for speech disconcerting and never really got used to it, but that is a minor quibble which is easily overlooked.

I liked The Inevitability of Stars, but I think it will resonate most strongly with young adults who will relate best to both the intensity of emotion and the challenges of negotiating the fate that awaits them.

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