Review: No Safe Place by Jenny Spence


Title: No Safe Place

Author: Jenny Spence

Published: Allen & Unwin May 2013

Read an Extract

Status: Read from May 27 to 29, 2013 — I own a copy {Courtesy the Publisher}

My Thoughts:

Elly Cartwright, a technical writer for a software company, is looking forward to a relaxing evening at home after a long day at work but just a few steps from her front door, her neighbour, Mabel, tumbles into her arms and Elly is horrified to discover she has been shot. When the police question her, Elly remembers vaguely registering the sound of a car accelerating away after Mabel fell but not much more and despite idle speculation, Elly is certain the attack was random. So when she discovers a colleague murdered in his heavily fortified home and another attempt is made on her life, Elly is at a loss to explain why she is being targeted by a ruthless killer, but she had better figure it out, fast, before he finds her again.

No Safe Place is a fast paced, enjoyable suspense novel from debut author Jenny Spence. The story takes us from the cold and blustery streets of Melbourne to the sunny city of Sydney as the attempts on Elly’s life plunge her into a deadly game of hide and seek. With the police proving to be largely unhelpful, Elly turns to her colleagues at Soft Serve Solutions for their assistance which eventually leads her to uncover a conspiracy of murder and fraud. Though there are no real surprises, No Safe Place is well plotted, building the tension as Elly gets closer to identifying her mystery assailant and those that hired him.

As a middle aged, single mother, Elly is an atypical heroine for a thriller, she is a rather ordinary woman caught up in something she doesn’t really understand but nevertheless goes on the offensive in order to protect herself and those she loves. While it’s a bit of a stretch to think anyone would be able to adapt to the cloak and dagger routine quite as quickly as Elly does (no matter how many crime shows they may watch), I did enjoy the fact that she made thoughtful decisions and didn’t deliberately place herself at risk.

I love that Elly is ably assisted by the IT wizards she works with who take it upon themselves to dig for information which would explain why Elly is a target. Though the ‘boys’ tend to regard her situation as an extension of an online game, they are eager to help and even set up a protection detail for her.

No Safe Place is an entertaining low key thriller. Though this novel ties up all the loose ends, I think there is the possibility that we will we see more of Elly Cartwright in the future and I look forward to it.

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