Review: Rescue Heat by Nina Hamilton




Title: Rescue Heat

Author: Nina Hamilton

Published: Escape Publishing January 2013

Synopsis: Hanging, strapped together, ten metres above a sea platform forces a quick intimacy between workmates. For Dr Brigid Adair, dangling from a helicopter wire is an everyday occurrence in her job working for the helicopter rescue crew in North Queensland, Australia.
For Former US Army medic Matt Roberts, Australia means a new future; a place to escape from the war zones of his past. Despite his significant wealth, he’s taken a job as an elite helicopter paramedic, wanting to make a positive contribution to his new community.
Matt Roberst knows very well the destruction that romance can reap on a unit, so when he first arrives and sees the gorgeous single doctor, Brigid assigned to his rescue crew, he’s nervous. Very nervous.
Dr Brigid Adair is going to need more than just her medical training to lead Matt back from his self-imposed isolation. High-pressure situations hovering over some of Australia’s deadliest land and sea and the ignition of a passionate flame might just do the trick

Status: Read on January 12, 2013 — I own a copy {Courtesy Escape Publishing}

My Thoughts:

Rescue Heat is an enjoyable Australian romance set in the north of Queensland. Dr Brigid Adair is a doctor with the Cairns helicopter rescue service, a job she loves for the unique professional challenges it presents every day. When Matt Roberts, an ex US Army medic, joins the crew, Brigid is suddenly faced with a very personal challenge – denying her attraction to her new wealthy, sexy and handsome partner.

Rescue Heat starts strongly as Brigid is lowered to treat an ill diver on a deep sea platform and I enjoyed learning a little about the varied role of rescue helicopter teams who deal with urgent life and death situations every day, from searches at sea to assisting with major car accidents. It seemed a shame though that the author didn’t really take advantage of the dangers inherent in her protagonists professions to inject more action into the story. I was hoping for a little more edge that would exploit the unique setting and the potential for drama.

I really liked the way in which Brigid is portrayed as a confident and competent woman and doctor, she is a strong and likeable character. Matt is the more vulnerable of the two protagonists, still hurt by his ex girlfriend’s recent betrayal and adjusting to civilian life after years serving in war zones. Hamilton develops the chemistry between the pair nicely and the intimate scenes are (ok, I am never sure exactly how to describe these scenes) arousing(?), well written anyway.

Rescue Heat is a pleasant, quick read that should satisfy fans of contemporary romance set in an exotic locale.

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  1. Jackie/Jake
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 05:29:37

    Added Cover of Snow to my TBR list!



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