Review: Seduction by Kate Forster

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Title: Seduction

Author: Kate Forster

Published: Michael Joseph/ Penguin January 2013

Synopsis: Actress Willow Carruthers is Australia’s favourite daughter. Now living the dream life in London, with an Oscar on her shelf and a rock-star husband, the beautiful Willow seems to have it all – wealth, fame and three perfect children.
Kitty Middlemist, Willow’s nanny, is used to flying under the radar.But a life-changing secret forces her to rethink her tactics. So when Willow suddenly falls from grace Kitty offers her the perfect place to hide – Middlemist Manor, the crumbling ancestral home of Kitty and her reclusive older brother, Merritt. Middlemist is the dream location for Willow’s new movie, a gorgeous costume drama that the actress hopes will restore her fortunes. But sparks fly as the house is taken over by a glamorous and demanding cast and crew, and the distinction between acting and real life becomes ever more blurred.

Status: Read from January 02 to 03, 2013 — I own a copy {Courtesy Penguin Australia}

My Thoughts:

Willow Curruthers, an Oscar winning actress, had it all – wealth, fame, a rock god in her bed and three adorable children – until the tabloids publicly outed her cheating husband and she discovered the money was all gone. Homeless, jobless and penniless, she accepts the generous offer from her children’s nanny, Kitty, to relocate with her to Middlemist, Kitty’s ancestral home. The aging country mansion, the ownership of which Kitty shares with her brother, has been empty for years but quickly becomes home to Kitty, Willow and her children, Merrit, upon his surprise return to England, and a film crew, when Willow precipitously lands a film role for a period drama. As Middlemist is slowly restored to her former grandeur, Willow begins to find her feet but will she find herself seduced by the lure of fame and fortune once again?

My lack of sympathy for Willow almost saw me give up on Seduction after the first chapter. Having relinquished the care of her children to the nanny, Willow comes across as self absorbed and shallow, less interested in her family’s well being than preserving appearances. Finding herself destitute, (well, except for a few thousand pounds left on her ex’s credit card) shakes Willow to the core and as she begins to piece together a new life, one that includes Merrit Middlemist, that I slowly warmed to her, despite her eventual relapse into diva-dom.

It is Kitty, the unassuming nanny of Lucian, Poppy and Jinty Curruthers, who I thought to be the best character in Seduction. Eager to please and generous, Kitty who opens her home and heart to Willow and her children. Though practical and capable, Kitty lacks self confidence but soon begins to blossom with the attention of Ivo, a young, handsome actor in the movie filming at Middlemist. But Kitty’s fragile poise is shattered when her deepest secret is revealed and she flees Middlemist, finding shelter with the eccentric film director, Harry.

I found the plot of Seduction to be fairly predictable though I thought there were some interesting elements, particularly in regards to the ongoing debate about Lucien’s ‘quirks’. I also liked they way in which Forster weaved the history of Middlemist Manor into the story.
The pace is fine though I thought the backstory for the characters in the first few chapters was revealed rather clumsily and the dialogue is sometimes a little stiff.

I enjoyed Seduction as a light and easy read for a lazy summer afternoon. Kate Forster is also the author of The Perfect Location which also combines an Australian actress with Hollywood glamour in an exotic locale.

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate Loveday
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 09:27:11

    I think this will go on my ;maybe’ list. thanks Shelleyrae.



  2. laurelrainsnow
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 09:14:18

    This does sound intriguing….In your review, the nanny character sold it for me.



  3. Dawn Comyns
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 16:13:50

    Just finished reading “Seduction” and enjoyed it, however am wondering why the “F” word needs to be used so much , for instance Kitty, being a very nice Skirt & cardigan girl using this language didn’t seem to fit and also “F,ing” instead of love making was used throughout this book. I am not a prude and when said in anger seemed appropriate I was uncomfortable with how much this word was used in this story.



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