AWW Feature: Q & A with Rebekah Turner, author of Chaos Born

Last week I was pleased to introduce Escape Publishing, a new electronic imprint launched by Harlequin Australia. I posted my review of Chaos Born by Rebekah Turner, an exciting beginning to a new urban fantasy series earlier today, which is one of five initial titles from the fledgling company.

I was given the opportunity to ask a few questions of Rebekah Turner, a debut author who lives in sunny Brisbane with her husband, two kids and a misunderstood Boston Terrier. Working as a graphic designer, Rebekah loves writing urban fantasy with lashings of romance, humour and a sprinkling of horror. Her vices include watching trashy 80s action movies and pretending she can cook. Here is what she had to say…

Q. What five words best describe Chaos Born?

Dark, sassy, irreverent, gritty, funny.

Q. What inspired you to write Chaos Born?

I am a long-time fan of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I love the idea that you can style the fantastic within a familiar world. Chaos Born first started with my main character, Lora Blackgoat. As I wrote about her life and problems, a world began to form around her, complete with sarcastic, hard drinking mythical creatures, all just trying to live their lives the best way they knew how.

Q. Chaos Born includes a range of paranormal creatures, what type is your favourite?

Hard to pick a favourite, but I did enjoy writing about the half-angel (nephilim) soldiers.  In particular, the character of Roman was fun to write. Who can go past a well-built man in a leather uniform and a sword? I wanted to portray Roman, and the nephilim, as strong alpha males who are raised with a strict moral code. Unfortunately, this code doesn’t take into account the ambiguity of the world of magic, causing the nephilim to be hated and feared by those they are meant to protect.

Q. Chaos Born is the first in the Applecross Chronicles series, how many books do you envision there will be?

At this point, there are six books planned. Each book contains a mystery or crime that is resolved by the end of the story, and there is an overarching plot and love triangle that develops further with each book.

Q. How do you feel about being one of the first authors to be published with Escape?

Pretty darn lucky. I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet.

Q: Can you describe the process of publishing with Escape – from submission through to launch?

I received a request from the Managing Editor for a full within two weeks from sending in my query and first couple of chapters. Then I was made an offer of publication three weeks later. After a few rounds of edits, the story was then whisked off for publication.

The launch was great fun. I was flown to Sydney and met the other launch authors. Everything was exceptionally posh. We had our hair and make-up done, then we were whisked to the launch location by a limousine. The venue had a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and there were awesome cocktails named after all the launch books. While I did not go back to the hotel with my pants on my head, it was still one of the most incredible nights out I’ve experienced.

Q.  Name three of your favourite books by Australian women writers?

1. Earthly Delights – Kerry Greenwood (fresh bakery products…hmmm….)
2. The Infernal – Kim Wilkins
3. Shadow Kin – M.J. Scott

Q. What is your preference?

  • Coffee/Tea or other?  Coffee
  • Beach/Pool or River?  Pool
  •  Slacks/Jeans or Leggings? Jeans
  • .Butterfly/Tiger or Giraffe?  Butterfly
  • Swing/Slide or Roundabout?. Swing

Rebekah Turner can be found at her WebsiteFacebook and Twitter

Chaos Born is Available To Purchase

at the limited offer introductory price of just 99c

@EscapePublishing I @AmazonKindle I @iTunes

I want to know what you think! Your comments are appreciated.

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