Review & Giveaway: Slave Girl by Alex Moses



Title: Slave Girl

Author: Alexa Moses

Published: Harper Collins August 2012

Synopsis: Thirteen-year-old Australian exchange student Jenna has nabbed an appointment in New York’s coolest hair salon, but when her teacher insists she stay with the group at the boring Metropolitan Museum, she storms off and stumbles into what she thinks is a fancy-dress party. And it is a party. In ancient Egypt. 3500 years ago. Once Jenna accepts she’s really travelled back in time, she realises she has to work out a way home – with only her big mouth, a smart phone and a pair of second-hand Marc Jacobs sandals to get her out alive. Jenna’s attempts to bluff her way out of her precarious situation are often brave, sometimes ingenious and guaranteeably funny. Read an Excerpt

Status: Read on October 07, 2012 {Courtesy Harper Collins Australia}

My Thoughts:

When Alexa Moses approached me to review Slave Girl, I had to confess I choose not to review books for the younger age group however, wanting to support a debut Australian women writer, with Alexa’s approval I decided to ask my nine year old daughter, Aleah, if the book’s synopsis seemed like something she would enjoy. When she nodded her head enthusiastically, we struck a deal, she would read Slave Girl and write a review for me to publish here at Book’d Out.

Aleah is an avid reader, though not quite as obsessive as I am (yet).  She has taken her role very seriously and though I gave her the occasional tip, the following review is written in her own words:

Slave Girl is a wonderful and adventurous novel by Alex Moses about a teenage girl named Jenna Bookalil-Brown. Jenna is Australian but is in New York as part of a student exchange program. Jenna thought that being in New York would be cool and she might even see some celebrities but her teacher keeps taking her to museums and stuff and she is bored. One day when they are at the Metropolitan Museum, Jenna is upset because she can’t go and get her haircut and hides from her teacher in the Egyptian room. While she is sulking a cat comes and Jenna chases it behind a statue. Jenna thinks she has somehow found a secret party because she is suddenly in a room where people are dressed like Ancient Egyptians but there is something weird about everything and they think Jenna is a slave. It takes a while for Jenna to realise that she is really in Ancient Egypt! Jenna has to figure out how to get home, she gets in trouble a lot but keeps trying to chase the orange cat she saw when she was in the museum. I thought it was funny  and a bit scary when Jenna nearly got eaten by a hippopotamus. I was sad when she kept getting caught but Jenna was smart and kept thinking of a way out.  Showing the prince her phone was smart even though it got her into more trouble. I liked Ebio because she was nice to Jenna but Satiah was pretty mean until the end bit. I liked the book’s creativity, it is very exciting and sometimes it is funny. I don’t think I would like to time travel to Ancient Egypt though. In the end, this book is very exciting and great. I enjoyed this book! I give it 4 stars.


I also read Slave Girl and concur with Aleah’s opinion. As a parent I had only one minor issue with the physical description of a young girl in the book that didn’t seem necessary, though it didn’t even register with Aleah.  In my opinion, Slave Girl is a book full of adventure, fun and is even educational, suitable for tween age girls.

Earlier today, Alex Moses shared the challenges involved in writing for the wide audience of readers who enjoy young adult fiction, make sure you view her guest post to learn more about Alexa.

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7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mish
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 16:16:57

    I have a daughter your age Aleah and I think she would enjoying reading this book. Thanks for a great review. I’ve also enterered the comp 🙂




  2. Helene
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 16:31:28

    What a fabulous premise for a series! I love reading YA and don’t get the chance often enough.

    Well done, Aleah, for putting together an excellent review.



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  4. Petty Witter
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 03:07:22

    Great that this was read and discussed by both you a and your daughter. It just goes to show that what concerns one reader will not even be noticed by another.



  5. Mary Preston
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 13:40:45

    I saw SLAVE GIRL for the first time on the Internet yesterday. It does look like a great read.

    A wonderful review Aleah.



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  7. therelentlessreader
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 23:50:29

    Great review Aleah! I think my daughter would like this book 🙂



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