Review: Downward Dog, Upward Fog By Meryl Davids Landau

Title: Downward Dog, Upward Fog

Author: Meryl Davids Landau

Published: Kindle May 2011

Synopsis: Lorna Crawford has a great boyfriend, longtime friends, and a well-paying job as special- events coordinator at a premium ice-cream manufacturer. But, out of sorts and filled with self-doubt, the 33 year old soon realizes that what she really wants is to stay on the spiritual path she keeps diving off of. Lorna jump-starts her efforts at a silent yoga retreat. But after returning from the mountain, she quickly loses her connection in the face of scheming coworkers, judgmental girlfriends, and, especially, her overly critical mother. Lorna also wrestles over her future with her boyfriend, a hot guy who takes her to the hottest places, but who can’t discern a meditation cushion from a toad stool. Reading spiritual books and visiting a channeler and energy healer move Lorna forward, but her confusion remains. Lorna’s seeking is put to the ultimate test when personal tragedy strikes. Will she come to truly understand that living spiritually has little to do with how you pretzel yourself on the yoga mat (although she gets plenty good at that), and everything to do with embracing the twists in everyday life? Read an Excerpt

Status: Read from July 30 to August 01, 2012 {courtesy the author}

My Thoughts:

After commenting on a very positive five star review of Downward Dog, Upward Fog on a book blog (sorry I can’t remember which), the author offered me a copy for review and I accepted. Though I am not particularly spiritual (and not at all religious) the premise seemed lighthearted and fun.

Actually Downward Dog, Upward Fog takes itself quite seriously, a little too seriously for my taste. Rather than connecting with Lorna’s spiritual journey I felt like I was getting a crash course in new age mysticism complete with book lists, summarised philosophies and neat quotes, especially in the first half of the novel where the story relies on little else. The plot was quite thin, the turning point for Lorna was a long time coming and entirely predictable followed by a few contrived events that didn’t work for me, such as her new romantic relationship with her cousin.
What I did like about the story was the healthy skepticism Lorna treats each idea with eventually choosing amongst the alternatives to find things that work for her like Yoga, meditation and positive thinking. I also liked that Lorna ‘slipped’ frequently and didn’t instantly become serene and all knowing. She had to work at maintaining control and making conscious decisions.
I did admire Lorna’s decision to make positive and healthy changes in her life, but for me, Lorna was not a very likeable character, self centered and irritable to begin with, ‘spiritually enlightened’ she became somewhat pious and smug.

While I wasn’t enamoured of Downward Dog, Upward Fog, it does have a positive message about making changes in your life to find peace and happiness. It’s a story that will likely appeal to those seeking a new path.

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