Review: Ready, Scrap, Shoot by Joanna Campbell Slan


Title: Ready, Scrap, Shoot {Kiki Lowenstien Scrap-N-Craft Mystery #5}

Author: Joanna Campbell Slan

Published: Midnight Ink April 2012

Synopsis: For Kiki Lowenstein, only one thing is (marginally) worse than her selfish, hyper-critical mother coming for an extended visit — dodging bullets. In the merry midst of the timehonored May Day celebration at Kiki’s daughter’s private school, a sniper fires shots into the crowd, killing deep-pocketed alum Edwina Fitzgerald. Did someone want to punish the imperious, widely hated matriarch — or was Kiki the intended target all along?

Status: Read on April 05, 2012 — I own a copy {Courtesy Midnight Ink/NetGalley}

My Thoughts:

I’ve been looking forward to sampling this cozy mystery series by Joanna Campbell Slan, even though I am a digital scrapper (as opposed to a traditional paper scrapper). As the fifth of the series, I worried I might be a little lost amongst a well established cast and setting but my concerns proved unfounded. Though there is obvious history in regards to relationships and events, Slan provides just enough information to familiarise the reader with the story.

Slan has three main mysteries threading through the story. One of the major plot lines concerns the resolution of a story arc that has clearly been unfolding through the series for some time. Kiki is under threat from her husband’s murderer and her boyfriends ex wife, leading to a final life or death confrontation. Another plot is a self contained mystery regarding the sniper murder of a prominent society member at the school May Day celebration while the third has to do with Kiki’s mothers new BFF, Claudia who is not what she pretends to be.
In amongst all this, Kiki is having problems at the scrap booking store which she part owns, her mother in law is trying to organise her wedding, Kiki’s daughter, Anya, is upset and Kiki isn’t feeling to well in the mornings. The novel certainly keeps up a steady pace of misadventure and mayhem through which Slan injects humor as well as danger.
I enjoyed the characters, Kiki is an over worked, stressed single mother trying to do her best to support and care for her daughter Anya, with the support of her mother in law Sheila. Kiki is both likeable and easy to relate to. Though we only get a peek at Kiki’s love interest, Detective Chad Detweiler, in this installment, it seems like an interesting relationship, complicated by his crazy ex wife. The supporting characters are also interesting and seemingly well developed.

I really enjoyed Ready, Scrap, Shoot and fully intend to read the first four books of the Scrap-N-Craft mystery series. An easy and entertaining cosy, I’d recommend this series for fans of scrap booking in particular who will enjoy the design tips but I am sure it will also satisfy fans of the genre in general.

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The Scrap-N-Craft Series

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristin T.
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 22:29:46

    I’ve been looking forward to reading this and am hoping my library gets a copy soon. I love all the scrapbooking tips that are always included (I’m still a traditional scrapbooker) and have tried one or two along the way. Did you know that there are some Kiki short stories – they are available as e-books through Amazon. I downloaded them but haven’t read them yet.



  2. Joanna Campbell Slan
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 04:25:42

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Shelley. The short stories have been very, very popular. Since they are only 99 cents (US money), they won’t break anyone’s budget. By the way–I loved my time down under. I still sing, “The Pub with No Beer” and “There’s a Red Back on the Toilet Seat” to myself!



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