Wrapping up the Borrowed Book Challenge 2011

I hosted the Borrowed Book Challenge in 2011, unfortunately it wasn’t very popular and only and six participants signed up.

I assumed I would have no difficulty with this challenge as I have relied primarily on the library for books to read my entire life. I wasn’t prepared for the sheer numbers of books I received to review from authors, netgalley and publishers in 2011 and though my aim was Library Lust: Borrow, read and return 48 books and I actually borrowed a total of 52 books but when I counted up the numbers I read only 31 which are tagged  here ( four I didn’t write reviews for). I think I mostly failed because I had so many review books that took priority and couldn’t read the books in the borrowing period, right now I have 9 library books I couldn’t resist picking up in November that I have already renewed twice and haven’t even started!

I am pleased to report though that some readers made their chosen target:

Congratulations to

Truly Bookish at Truly Bookish whose goal was Library Lust: Borrow, read and return 48 books, and completed it!

Tracy at Booked Up whose goal was Borrower Be: Borrow, read and return 12 books,  and completed it!

Cialina at Muggle- Born.net  whose goal was Stacked: Borrow, read and return 24 books, and completed it!

Neer @ A Hot Cup of Pleasure (awaiting update) whose goal was Borrower Be: Borrow, read and return 12 books,  and completed it!

Rickime at Reading Challenged didn’t quite make her goal of Borrower Be: Borrow, read and return 12 books but read 6 which is a good effort.


I promised a prize for all of those who completed the challenge and the winner is: Cialina {drawn via random.org}

I also promised a bonus prize for those that met the Library Lust goal and the winner is: Truly Bookish

Both of you will be able to choose a book up to the value of $10US from Book Depository or a $10 Amazon gift voucher


I won’t be hosting the Borrowed Book Challenge in 2012 but have passed the challenge on to an eager new host. You will find it at



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Patty
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 08:38:00

    I would have joined but I never borrow books from the library…I have this thing about DNA…lol…



  2. Lu :)
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 07:15:47

    OOOPPS!!! I may have posted my comment on the wrong blog post earlier, so I am posting here as well!!
    I finished the challenge! I borrowed and read 50 books!! That total does not include library books (board books, picture books) that I borrowed and read to my son. It is strictly books I read! I have not had time to do a blog post, but just saw the email you sent me last week so I thought I would reply here! Here is a link to the books I borrowed and read for this challenge.



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