Review: Teens Happen by Shea Rouda

Title: Teens Happen: A Parent’s Guide to Deciphering the Most Secretive of Creatures (Written by a Teen)

Author: Shea  Rouda

Published: Real You LCC September 2011

Synopsis: Your teenager walks in the door from school, a little late. “Hi! How are you?” you say. “Hey. Fine,” he replies, heading toward his room where he’ll close the door behind him. What’s a parent to do? Teens Happen is here to help, but it isn’t your run-of-the-mill parenting book. This one was actually written by a teenager, and the author – highschooler Shea Rouda – gives you an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at the teenage mind, covering everything from school, sports, drugs, and siblings to acne, driving, college preparation, and, yes, even sex. Rouda’s fresh, frank, and funny perspective will open your mind to new aspects of the common problems you face with your teenager, whether male or female, and arm you with solutions that find a common ground between parental oversight and teenage freedom.

Status: Read on October 23, 2011 — I own a copy (Courtesy  Real You LCC /NetGalley)

My Thoughts:

My oldest daughter is fifteen and while I remember my teenage years with (cringing) clarity a lot has changed in the past 20+ years. I’ve read several parenting manuals recently, more for reassurance than anything else as I attempt to guide my daughter through this particularly delicate phase of development. Teens happened appealed to me because it is written by a teen and purports to offer insights that other similar books on the subject don’t.
While Teens Happen is helpful, there are no surprises in this book that covers the usual subjects with fairly standard advice and information. Its succinct and short,  if not exactly comprehensive and clearly identifies and discusses the main points of contention between parents and teens like curfew, driving, sex and drugs. What I do like is the emphasis on building positive relationships between parent and teen and that Rouda emphasises that respect works both ways. I do think Teens Happen could have been more well rounded had Rouda included comments and or case study like examples from his peers or at least a few more from his own experiences.
I think that what Teens Happen does offer as a point of difference is that this is a book that teens can also read. Rouda’s writing voice is accessible and friendly and teens won’t find it as patronising as similar books can be. (Show your daughter his author picture and you might find they will become even more interested in reading it)
Shea Rouda is obviously a fine young man whose parents should be proud of him. I hope that I am as successful in navigating my children’s teen years.


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