Giveaway and Guest Post: Elle Beauregard, author of Shift and Recast

Please welcome Elle Beauregard to Book’d Out.  Shift is the first novel in her debut series which I thought to be original and engaging, you can read my review HERE.  In this guest post, Elle tells of her fascination with the idea of human shape-shifters and the logistical and ethical questions she had to consider as she wrote Shift and it’s sequel, Recast. Today she is offering readers the chance to win one of three electronic editions of Shift and Recast, read on for more details.

Human Shapeshifters

If you could look like anyone at all, who would you be?

I’ve been thinking a lot about shapeshifters, lately.  Okay, well obviously I have since I write about them, so let me rephrase:  I’ve been thinking a lot about human shapeshifters–specifically about why it is we haven’t seen more of them in popular culture.

When most people hear the term ‘shapeshifter,’ they think of werewolves, or other forms of animal- shifters: people who can turn into an animal.  And that’s pretty cool, right?  What an amazing thought! The ability to shift into an animal brings with it the opportunity for so many experiences that we, as humans will never experience for ourselves: flying, running on four legs, experiencing the world through a sense of smell instead of predominately sight–the possibilities are virtually endless.  But a human shapeshifter brings with it a different set of opportunities, which lead to questions: If human shifters could look like anyone, how do they recognize their fellow shifters?  If you could look like anyone, do you, by default, cease to have a “true” appearance?  Does a shifter have to take off their clothes if they shift to look like someone larger or smaller than they are?  (And what excellent, steamy situations could that lead to?!)

But, on top of those logistical questions, there are very real questions of ethics that crop up when you imagine an individual with the ability to look like anyone else: Does this person have the right to borrow someone else’s appearance?  If they do so with good intention does it make it less violating to the person whose identity has been borrowed than if the shifter did it for personal gain or other nefarious purposes?  As a shifter, or as part of a larger community of shifters, would there be a code of conduct and moral standards by which one would be expected to live?  If so, what would the consequences be for those who failed to uphold them?  What would the public reaction be if ever we learned that human-shifters really did exist?  As a regular, non-shifter, could you ever trust anyone again?  Could you ever trust that your teacher, your bus driver, your boss was who they said they were?

I’ve come to the conclusion that these questions are part of why it’s rare to see human-shifters in popular culture.  There are so many questions to overcome and logistics to keep straight, one might think it leaves no room for good storytelling.  My answer to that: make the answers be the story itself.  Let the characters ask these hard questions; let them experience the results, good and bad.  Let the readers experience it with them and let that journey to find the right path be the plot.  Then throw in a fun, eccentric Aunt who lives in the desert, plus a healthy dash of romantic interest with a steamy fellow-shifter and you’ve got SHIFT.  And, hopefully, people jump on board and ride along as we answer the question: What would you change if you had the choice?

Shift is  to be followed by book #2 titled Recast later this fall.  Forty-one days and counting…  Leah had been anxiously wondering what would happen at the nationally-televised protests in Washington DC. Well, she got her answer, and it was worse than she could have ever imagined.  A plan is set into motion when an act of public brutality sparks nation-wide panic, and Leah finds herself stuck between the role she’s been asked to play as a Brayton, and the power of her bond with Drake. Drake and Leah’s connection continues to evolve as they are thrust onto a path that will stretch them to their limits and challenge their trust—in each other, the shifter establishment, and the very shifters they’ve been tapped to lead.


About the Author

Elle Beauregard wrote her first novel at the age of 16. Then she wrote a sequel. More than ten years later, those first manuscripts have been re-written and are accompanied by many companions. An indie author with imagination and heart, Elle writes smart, compelling Young Adult and New Adult contemporary fantasies that feature strong female leads and real relationships.

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  1. Amanda
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 09:39:01

    My name is Amanda, and I’m in the USA.
    My e-mail is strs4u2000 @

    +1 For adding Shift/Recast to my Goodreads to-read list

    +2 for leaving a comment on your review of Shift

    Total possible entries = 4

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂



  2. Tahlia Newland
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 10:53:06

    I’d like to enter please. I tweeted.!/TahliaNewland/status/115951015139876866 and added it to my goodreads shelf. I also liked your review. That’s 5 entrires

    Tahlia Newland
    tahlia.newland at



  3. Nikki
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 13:40:24

    Sounds awesome…it is true though…you have an open market with human shifters…not very many around!



  4. parrish
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 17:13:53

    Great idea, which if my memory serves me correctly was also used partially in the Iain M Banks. novel Transition, complete with a steamy scene. Sounds like an idea that could really be explored.



  5. ellebeauregard
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 01:23:53

    Thanks for hosting me and the SHIFT/RECAST giveaway, Shellyrae! Honored to be featured!



  6. Julie S.
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 01:44:12

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve got both books on my Goodreads to-read shelf. They sound awesome. I also commented on your review.
    I tweeted!/juliecookies/status/116175705154400256
    Julie S. USA juliecookies(at)
    5 total entries



    Sep 21, 2011 @ 08:20:52

    Thanks for the giveaway. Sounds like a great book. Lenasledge (at) gmail dot com



  8. Diana
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 06:51:39

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I shared it on FB:
    Added Shift/Recast to my Goodreads to-read list as Diana
    Commented your review of Shift as Diana

    My name is Diana and I’m from Greece
    artgiote at gmail dot com



  9. Yto
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 00:13:02

    thanks for the giveaway ^^
    i tweeted about this giveaway:!/Yto77/status/118689173631795200

    i live in germany.

    witchvela at web dot de



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