Review: Lucinda’s Web by Dorothy Morrison

Title: Lucinda’s Web

Author: Dorothy Morrison

Published: Willow Tree Press August 2010

Synopsis: Magic With No Expiration Date Can Be A Dangerous Thing…Tess Logan knows magic. She knows how it works, why it works, and what it takes to make it work. But that’s not all. She also knows how to make it happen. It’s simply a part of who she is: For Tess Logan-despite all the other attributes that make her such a thoroughly modern woman-is a thoroughly modern Witch.
No amount of magical experience or expertise, though, could have ever prepared her for this. In fact, she never even dreamed it possible: A living, breathing set of spells cast more than a hundred years ago with enough stamina to follow her into the present day. Yet, here it is, writhing and twisting with activity, permeating every sector of her life, and slipping its tentacles into the lives of everyone she holds dear. Now, she’s faced with having to disentangle each slippery strand and destroy the magic without destroying those she loves-or herself.

Status: Read from August 08 to 10, 2011 — I own a copy {Courtesy Willow Tree Press}

My Thoughts:

A hundred year old curse reaches out from the grave to ensnare Tess Logan in a tragic cycle of love, lust, betrayal and murder in Lucinda’s Web. A bitter rivalry for affection led to the laying of spells whose power reignites when Tess moves opposite a cemetery, and then meets Luke Benson. As the curse strengthens, Tess’s friends are drawn into it’s web with each having a part to play in the unfolding drama. Unless they can solve the century old mystery and destroy the charmed objects they are all at risk of forfeiting their lives to the past.

The main thrust of Lucinda’s Web is interesting and well thought out. As a practicing Wiccan Priestess, author Dorothy Morrison uses her knowledge of the occult to include magic, hoodoo, reincarnation, possession and more to develop a creative story. After a somewhat slow start there is plenty of tension as the curse tightens and the ending has a chilling twist but I think that the plot was almost overwhelmed by Morrison’s technique of using several of her characters to tell the story, in both first and third person points of view. The transitions were not always easy to follow and for me, the story often felt disjointed and crowded.
Morrison’s characters are all very strong personalities. Tess smokes like a chimney, drinks copious amounts of coffee, swears like a sailor and has the temperament of a cut snake, all unusual traits I would have thought for a Wiccan witch and her tendency to take offense at almost everything annoyed me. An aggressive tone is present in many of the other characters as well, even in the most benign of interactions there are a lot of exclamation marks, capital letters and italics used. I struggled to relate to any of the cast which affected my enthusiasm for the story.

There are not currently a lot of reviews for the book but it has earned high praise from other readers. While I think the book had a strong concept and the writing was of a good standard, unfortunately Lucinda’s Web didn’t really work for me. I picked it up and put it down several times over a few days and had I not been committed to reviewing it, I’m not sure I would have finished.


About the Author

Dubbed by Publishers Weekly as “a witch to watch,” Dorothy Morrison has garnered numerous awards for her writing, including the 1999 COVR Visionary Award for Best General Interest Book (awarded for Everyday Magic), the 2000 COVR Visionary Award – Best Biographical Memoirs (awarded for In Praise of the Crone: A Celebration of Feminine Maturity), and the 2008 COVR Visionary Award – Best Wicca/Paganism Book (awarded for Utterly Wicked). Morrison’s other works – The Craft, The Craft Companion, Bud Blossom and Leaf, Yule, The Whimsical Tarot, Enchantments of the Heart, Magical Needlework, Everyday Tarot Magic, Everyday Moon Magic, Everyday Sun Magic (the highly anticipated fourth book in the Everyday Magic Series) – have consistently won her the high praise of readers and critics from all walks of life.

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