Review: Another One Bites the Dust by Jennifer Rardin

Title: Another One Bites the Dust {Jaz Parks #2}

Author: Jennifer Rardin

Published: Orbit July 2009

Sypnosis: I’m Jaz Parks. CIA assassin. Black belt. Belly dancer at the Corpus Christi Winter Festival. The last is cover for my latest mission: retrieve a vital piece of biotechnology by killing the maniac who stole it. He’s Chien-Lung, an obsessive vamp who’s invulnerable while wearing his armor – which is constantly. Then there are the reavers, ancient fiends who murder innocents and eat their souls. Only I can sense them. So it’s not long before they’ll want me dead, dead, dead.

Status: Read from March 21 to 22, 2011 — I own a copy

My Thoughts:

I’m working my way through this series, and having enjoyed the first book, Once Bitten, Twice Shy, I thought Another One Bites the Dust was equally as fun and easy to read. Jaz and Vayl, along with Cole, Cassandra and Bergen, are on a mission to prevent Chien-Lung, and insane Chinese Vampire, from creating an international incident at the Corpus Christi Winter Festival. Chien-Lung is near invincible, having stolen Bergen’s invention, an armour that binds with it’s wearer on a cellular level, and surrounded himself with lethal reapers, soul stealing demons.
The plot is fairly predictable but there is plenty of action and some great fight scenes.
Jaz has the same smart attitude that endeared me to her character in the first book, she is witty, feisty and kick ass. It doesn’t all come easy for Jaz though, she is experiencing blackouts and continuing to struggle with the loss of her fiance. She and Vayl are still dancing around their attraction to each other and their chemistry is an appealing facet of the story.
Another One Bites the Dust is light and entertaining and the series is shaping up to be a lot of fun.

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The Jaz Parks Series

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  1. Kylie1403
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 00:55:28

    another series I wanna try hehehe



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