Review: Sarah’s Fate { & the Maldito’s Series} by Christy Trujillo

Title: Sarah’s Fate {Maldito Series #3}

Author: Christy Trujillo

Published: Devine Destinies September 2010

Sypnosis: Sarah:  Could my life be any crazier? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m sure it could. When you grow up with vampire hunter parents, crazy kind of comes with the territory. Thank goodness I moved completely across the country to New York for college. My roommate and best friend, Maria, was able to get me a job at this posh restaurant where all the wait staff perform on stage, I’m so excited. Oh, and the owner is, how do I say this, H-O-T. This is going to be great! New school, new job, there’s no way this can get screwed up. Right? Wait, don’t answer that.
Andres:  New York is my city. I do what I can to protect her. I know I can never redeem myself, never be forgiven for what I have become, but night after night, I try. It was an existence I had become accustomed to. I didn’t need to have anyone come waltzing into my life and turn it upside down, but we can’t always plan for fate. Sometimes it just happens. Sarah happened to me. In a matter of weeks, she changed everything I wanted, everything I needed. She can’t know what I am, or what I used to be. She can never find out. I will protect her, even if it means protecting her from me.

Status: Read from March 06 to 07, 2011 — I own a copy

My Thoughts:

Christy Trujillo requested a review of Sarah’s fate ,the third book in her Maldito series. I much prefer to read series in order, so I read the first two books, Emmy’s Song and Emmy’s Heart in preparation. Sarah’s Fate could work as a stand alone but I appreciated the background and links gleaned in the previous installments.
Sarah is the daughter of Emmelia and Cale whose story is the focus of the first two books. In Emmy’s Song, seventeen year old Emmelia Ortega discovers that vampires are simply figure sof myth and that her fate is inextricably linked to those that fight them. Cale Cruz is Maldito, a cursed half human/half vampire, who protects humanity from the vampire scourge. The pair are drawn to each other as Cale guides Emmy through the hidden world she is now part of. The Maldito’s are determined to protect Emmy, not only because she is Cale’s destiny, but because her blood holds the key to ending their cursed existence.
In Emmy’s Song, Emmy is kidnapped by Nathaniel a 300 year old vampire who plans to use her against the Maldito. In the face of his manipulation, Emmy begins to lose sense of who she is and what she wants. She is rescued by a vampire who calls himself Dreas and returns to Cale and the Malditos.But Nathaniel is not willing to let her go so easily and forces a battle between the two ancient races.
Twenty or so years later, Sarah is off to college. She has her mother’s musical talent and finds a part time job as a singing waitress. It is fate that the restaurant is owned by Andreas, who recognises Sarah as Emmy’s daughter. Andreas has spent to intervening years atoning for what he has become, killing his own kind to protect the humans in his town. Sarah’s arrival coincides with a power play be one of Nathaniel’s former minions, placing her and those she loves in danger.
All three of the books fall into the paranormal romance genre, with the romantic relationships central to the story. The enthusiasm Christy has for her characters and story is obvious. She writes with an almost naive passion that sometimes overwhelms structure but nevertheless results in a satisfying read. There is evidence of increasing maturity in style between the first two books and the third with Sarah’s Fate a stronger story for it.
While the romance between Sarah and Andreas is central to Sarah’s Fate, it is supported by a solid plot. Andreas’s history with Emmy, the Maldito’s and Casey links the series demonstrating Trujillo has thought carefully about developing the storyline. There are some small inconsistencies in the information though they don’t impact the plot.
Sarah is an appealing heroine, she is smart and can take care of herself. Though young, she has an equanimity that gives her character strength. Sarah’s place in the witches prophecy is an unexpected twist that adds another layer of interest to the tale.
The relationship that develops between Sarah and Andreas is believable while emphasising Trujillo’s theme. The romance strikes the right balance of passion for both a YA and mature audience.
The supporting characters in the book play an active role, Emmy’s roommate’s role is tied neatly into the arc as is Abby’s. Emmy and Coles appearance at the conclusion makes sense. There is a brief explanation of Casey’s desire for revenge that provides understanding of his motives but I think that it is an aspect of the story that benefits from having read Emmy’s Fate.
The ending is slightly anti climatic being so brief but it’s always satisfying to have the bad guy defeated. The epilogue answers any lingering questions about Sarah’s fate, as well as Emmy and Cale’s destiny.
While the epilogue completes a trilogy, it leaves an interesting direction for Trujillo to take should she wish to revive the series. Sarah’s Fate is the strongest of the Maldito series in terms of story and style but all three books would likely appeal to paranormal romance fans who enjoy stories of fated romance and vampires.

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