Review: Late Night Shopping by Carmen Reid

Title: Late Night Shopping {Annie Valentine #2}

Author: Carmen Reid

Published: Corgi Adult June 2008

Sypnosis: Annie Valentine is one ambitious lady, but does she know when to stop?  Uber-busy Annie Valentine — mum to two demanding children and personal shopper in a swanky London fashion store — is now intent on setting up a business of her own. She has ambitions for a shoe and handbag empire, and she’ll do anything to get there. But what about her adorable new man? As someone who wants nothing more than a quiet life, Ed is shocked to discover Annie is staking their home on her success. And now their relationship is on the line. Ed isn’t convinced that Annie’s surprise remedy — an extravagant friends and family holiday to Italy — is really what they all need. Especially when a dashing Italian businessman promises to fulfill Annie’s every dream.

Status: Read from December 16 to 17, 2010

My Thoughts:

I picked this up at the library without realising it was the second in the series, and though I have the first The Personal Shopper as marked as unread I think I must have read it at some stage as the characters in this were so familiar.
I admired Annie’s ambition but felt her motives and behaviour were too self serving to be sympathetic. I was waiting for her to acknowledge her actions as at least a little unreasonable and redeem herself, but I felt that the consequences for here were token at best.
The story itself was okay, fairly predictable, though amusing enough in places. It probably doesn’t help that I only own 3 pairs of shoes and one $20 handbag so I find the label dropping and lavicous descriptions of puffy sleeves and satin heels uninspiring. Mainly though I didn’t much care for Annie so I didn’t much care for her story.

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