Review: A Dream of Something More by Jane Carter

Title: A Dream of Something More

Author: Jane Carter

Publisher:Four Leaf Press

Sypnosis: From rural NSW to inner-city Sydney – and with a cast of wonderfully down-to-earth characters – A Dream of Something More charts the unexpected twists and turns life takes when you dare to follow your dreams.

Status: Read on October 01, 2010

My Thoughts:

Pleasant enough read but I found it difficult to relate to Robbie, and so never much cared what she chose to do. I understand the choice she made to leave her husband, and choose to study but I thought her willingness to take the blame for the breakup and leave her child behind the choice of a martyr rather than a strong woman.
The relationship with Nick starts abruptly, and we don’t actually get to see much of their relationship. Robbie’s agonising over the age difference also becomes tiresome and the convenience of Robbie’s “hidden” lifestyle far too convenient. For me it seemed to be a way to justify the relationship.
The plot itself is fairly predictable, the tone is pleasant but unremarkable and the pace felt flat.
For me, a meandering romance that lacked any real heart or passion.
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