Review: Raised By Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Title: Raised by Wolves

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

IBSN13: 9781606840597

My Thoughts:

I wasn’t really all that eager to read Raised By Wolves mainly because of it’s YA tag, but it was chosen at the BOM for a group and I hate to miss out:) I really should know better by now, after avoiding YA books for a number of years I have lately read some that have been suprisingly enjoyable and Raised By Wolves was just that.
Bryn is human but her life as the werewolf pack Alpha’s adopted daughter is anything but normal. Essentially she has had only one goal since surviving the murder of her parents, to survive and to be safe. Fiercly independent and self protective, Bryn has never fully accepted the Pack as her family, and her unique status has meant she has always been both protected and at risk for her entire life. When she finds Chase caged in Callum’s basement she recognises a fellow survivor in a way that breaches her defenses. The bond that forms between them is unexpected and reveals Bryn’s weakness and strengths.
Despite Bryn being a teenager she has the attitude that is familar for female characters (she puts me in mind of a mix of Mercy Thompson and Rose Hathaway) in this genre, perhaps a little more naive but it’s easy to dismiss her age as a defining factor. I liked her, she has a smart mouth, plenty of attitude and her motivations are clearly developed.
The other main characters, particularly Devon, Lake and Allie are equally likeable. The Pack is an interesting community and I like Barnes’s take on it.
The Rabid makes for an interesting storyline, I don’t think the plot really held any suprises but overall the pacing was good which made Raised By Wolves quick to read. I think the potential is there for an entertaining series so I will most likely pick up the second when its released later this year. Not a stunner, but certainly enjoyable.

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