Challenges for 2014


The Goodreads Reading Challenge 2014

This year my goal will be to read 252 books   – just one more than last year.



The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014

In it’s third year, the aim of The Eclectic Reader 2014 Challenge is to push you outside your comfort zone by reading up to 12 books during the year from 12 different categories.



The 2014 Australian Women Writers Challenge

I set my own goal for this challenge and this year, like last year, it is to read and review 50 books written by Australian women.



Aussie Author Challenge 2014

I chose the level:


– Read and review 12 titles written by Australian Authors of which at least 4 of those authors are female, at least 4 of those authors are male, and at least 4 of those authors are new to you;
– At least 6 fiction and at least 2 non-fiction, and at least 3 titles first published in 2013 or 2014.


around-the-world-2014Around the World in 12 Books Challenge

I chose the level:

Level 4: The Seasoned Traveller

- The Seasoned Traveller doesn’t do anything by half-measures: they go the whole hog and the more obscure the better!
– Read 12 books over the course of the year, each set in a DIFFERENT country
– Books selected should include ones set in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia+New Zealand, North America and South America. The Middle East is a bonus.


How are you challenging yourself in 2014?

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20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kailana
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 13:22:24

    Good luck with your reading challenges! I didn’t do any last year and my reading kind of died. I am hoping 2014 will be better because I am doing some. :)


  2. Jo @ Booklover Book Reviews
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 13:44:06

    Very warm welcome to another year of the Aussie Author Challenge Shelleyrae! Look forward to seeing which titles make up your reading list.


  3. Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 14:09:19

    Oh yay, great to have you join my challenge, Shelleyrae! I’m impressed that you’re going for the Seasoned Traveller level, very brave! Good luck with all your challenges and life in general, in 2014 :)


  4. wildnightin
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 14:09:27

    Exciting challenges! :) The Kangaroo one looks particularly groovy as it looks as though you’ll be reading a broad range of authors for it.


  5. bernadetteinoz
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 14:10:27

    As always I am in awe Shelleyrae. My main challenge is the AWW one where I am aiming to read 24 books and review at least 20 of those (paltry in comparison to your efforts but I couldn’t hope to aim for your numbers). In addition I’ll try to read about the same number of Australian male authors. reduce my stock of unread books lying about the house, read a reasonable amount of translated fiction and am starting long-term challenge too read my way across all the states of the USA.

    Wishing you good reading for 2014


  6. Teddyree
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 00:47:16

    Happy reading and good luck with the challenges, I’m sure you’ll rock it! I’m doing AWW again and Aussie Authors but still not decided about the rest, better get my act together ;)


  7. bookgeeking
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 03:07:48

    252 books? That’s a lot. I am doing 100 and I think I will struggle, doing a few challenges too, which should help, hopefully. Good luck. :)


  8. laurelrainsnow
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 04:14:15

    Enjoy your challenges! I lowered my Goodreads goal from 200 to 150 this year, even though I exceeded my numbers in 2013. But I have a big stack of chunksters to read…


  9. rblerner2013
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 06:37:19

    I am entering this again. I don’t have a Goodreads goal. I have entered many challenges.


  10. Patty
    Jan 03, 2014 @ 07:04:21

    Happy New Year to you, too! Love your goal…you are amazing!


  11. Chrystal @ Snowdrop Dreams of Books
    Jan 04, 2014 @ 12:33:30

    You must read really fast. :) I had a goal of 100 books and made it to 71. So this year I made my goal much more realistic at 52 – one book per week. I’m not the fastest reader. LOL

    Good luck with your goals and challenges!


  12. Cathy Powell
    Jan 04, 2014 @ 18:14:16

    Wow Shelleyrae, what a lot of reading challenges you have set yourself for this year. I’m so impressed with the number of books you hope to achieve with the Good reads challenge. All the best with reaching all your goals.


  13. Jen
    Jan 05, 2014 @ 06:23:11

    These sound like some great challenges! I haven’t chosen any yet, so I like seeing what all is out there to choose from. Good luck with your reading goals!


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